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January 8, 2009

Should I show you? And...remember this card?

So, who wants to see my stamping space - after the tornado hit it??  I have about 7x7 inches worth of space to work in due to all of the clutter on the table, so, needless to say - I need to clean it. 

I don't have anything new to show you because per one of my New Year's resolutions I have been de-cluttering my house and I didn't start with my stamping space, unfortunately ;)  That means I haven't stamped and don't have anything new to share.  Maybe I'll take a pic of my mess and embarrass myself in blog-land???

As for the card, here it is - it was in THIS post:


I am just giving myself a pat on the back.  I sent this card in to SU! a while ago with all of the other lady's cards in the swap I hosted who wanted theirs sent in, and it's on the Stampers' Showcase on the SU! Demonstrator Website today.  Yeah me!!  :)


  1. Hey Marie! Congrats on making Stampers Showcase!! I love that card! I REALLY wish they'd fix the names on those. And I definitely think you should show your stamp area so I won't feel as bad about mine! ;)

  2. Hey that's cool about your card! It's always nice to be recognized :) I have been decluttering too and I am just about done - DD's room was the worse, but we attacked it together and got it done this past weekend. The only thing left is the closet in MY bedroom..... not ready to go there yet! LOL

  3. Oh, how pretty! And you have *7* whole inches of space? I tend to operate in 6 ...

  4. I love the card. Congrats on having it selected for Stamper's Showcase!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Marie! I saw your card on Stamper's Showcase this morning, and it really caught my eye! It's gorgeous!

  6. OOoo congrats Marie!!!! How exciting!! :)

  7. [...] might remember this card from THIS post.  Well, I feel like I’m “cheating” because including this post and the one [...]


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