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July 26, 2007

Stamps for Sale

I need to clear some space for new stamp sets (not to mention that my stamping stuff is kept in the baby's room and there's not much room for his stuff so I need to get rid of some!) and am selling the following RETIRED (no longer available for sale by SU!) stamp sets. I will only ship to the US (sorry!!!) and the price DOES include shipping. I will remove stamp sets as they are sold, but it may not be "up to the minute" updated as you are looking, thanks for your understanding. I accept PayPal (my e-mail address is mcclellans@stx.rr.com for my PayPal account) or checks made payable to Marie McClellan. If paying by check, I will ship upon receiving your check. PLEASE SHOOT ME AN E-MAIL TO THE ADDRESS JUST MENTIONED IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE SOMETHING. Thanks!

***The condition of the sets varies from GENTLY used, to having some (or even all) in the set NEW and UNMOUNTED. They all stamp perfectly.

PG Name Price

178 All-Year Cheer I 26.00

178 All-Year Cheer II 26.00

74 Baby Talk 21.00

53 Bundle Up 19.00

36 Crazy for Christmas 19.00

140 Cute as a Bug 13.00

27 Dream Come True 21.00

183 Friend to Friend 23.00

40 Happiest of Holidays 13.00

28 Happy Hearts 13.00

63 Hip Hip Hooray 21.00

26 Mon Ami 13.00

57 Much Love 16.00

83 On the Move 19.00

106 Pocket Fun 19.00

127 Sew Seasonal 26.00

56 Simple Sketches 26.00

24 Tag Time 26.00


47 Gifts Galore 5.00

40 Swirling Stars Jumbo 6.00

Holiday Blocks: (set of 8 – former Hostess Incentive set – retired) All stamps mounted and gently used - $16.00 This set is GREAT for making gift tags!!!!!

Link to picture of set: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/309194?cat=4854

July 23, 2007

Pictures of Daniel

Here they are!!!!!

Here are Daniel, Mommy and Daddy shortly after he was born. Mommy's even still on the table!

Here are Mommy and her babies.

Here's a close-up of Daniel that shows his hair pretty well -- we're thinking another red-head.

Here's Daniel sporting the patriotic hat that the hospital gave him.

Here's Daniel dressed and ready for the 3+ hour trip home.

Here are Daddy and Daniel.

Here are the girls with the sign that was put in our yard by our squadron. The girls were almost more excited about the sign than the actual arrival of their baby brother!! LOL! Oh, and Daddy let the girls dress themselves this day (Sarah opted to NOT dress herself and stay in her Princess PJ's) :)

July 21, 2007


And he's the most beautiful little boy I've ever seen!!!! He's been officially named Daniel Peter McClellan, and he came into the world at 2:42 p.m. on 18 July, 2007, weighing 7.8 lbs and he was 20.5 inches long.

I PROMISE I will post pictures soon because if I don't, my dad might just come kidnap him in order to see him! ;)

I won't go into the details, but the birth did not go the way we had hoped. It all came down to us having to choose to use pitocin and double our risk of rupture/increase the risk of infant mortality or have a c-section. After being thoroughly convinced that to continue on with the VBAC meant I was a horrible mother, we chose to have a c-section.

On the bright side, other than being turned into a very black and blue pin-cushion and having legs the same size all the way up and down from swelling, it was the best c-section I've had of the three of them. I had some wonderful nurses - especially the night shift nurses and the labor/delivery nurse. I had an anesthesiologist that was a resident who was OUTSTANDING. The doctor "cleaned" me out so that my old adhesions weren't so prominent and even placed some kind of "thing" "in there" to prevent lots of future adhesions (scar tissue). Daniel is perfect and we are all just happy to be home.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I'll be taking it easy the next week or two, but I need to get working on baby announcements that I never finished and "table toppers" for my sister's wedding. When those get done, you'll see them here! Thanks for everything!!!


July 17, 2007

Am I Allowed to be Impatient Now????

So, I've been having contractions pretty much 24/7 since 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Of course, they're not fun, but they're not getting "worse" like they're supposed to so that they're actually "pushing" contractions. They've gotten more intense than when they began, but they're only around 1 minute long (supposed to be 90 seconds to go to the hospital) and anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes apart (supposed to be 5 min apart for me to go in to the hospital). I guess it's good that they're happening, even though they make sleep pretty difficult. It means SOMETHING is happening, which means less to do later. My midwife friend, labor/delivery nurse friend, and several other people experienced in labor and delivery were all SURE that I would have been having the baby by now, but at least it looks like it really shouldn't go longer than possibly Thursday. At least the end is in sight, but I WANT HIM TO COME NOW!!!!!!! :) I want to go home, and I want to be able to sleep, contraction free, and to have a little baby to hold and love!! Anyway, I'm just getting impatient, but I understand that every birth is different, and this one just appears to be heading towards the longest, slowest-progressing birth EVER!!!! ;) Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that despite the great start, my body and the baby seem to be perfectly happy to give me one minute contractions just far enough apart to not really do much other than dilate me! Take care, and I'll keep everyone posted!

July 15, 2007

He's "Almost" Here....

Well, I finally started having some contractions and a few other "pleasantries" associated with early labor that we won't go into on here, and from what my friend who's a labor/delivery nurse, and what a new friend who's a midwife/doula are telling me, the "things" I'm doing mean he'll probably be here in the next couple of days!!! I sure hope so!!!!!!

I want to tell all of you that your kind words and thoughts are so appreciated, you don't even know how much. It's really a wonderful thing to "meet" so many wonderful people and actually not really have even met them. It shows you that there are really great people out there and we just have to open our eyes and our hearts to find eachother!

I wanted to answer Teresa's question about falconers. A falconer is someone who handles birds of prey and has gotten a license from their state to do so. Many falconers do as very old tradition maintains and fly their falcons, owls, eagles, hawks and allow them to hunt quarry. It is an amazing sport. When I was at the Air Force Academy, we used them to teach the public about Falcons and we also used them to perform flights during football games, or at parades. Ours didn't hunt for P.R. reasons. I guess some people would choose to believe that wild predators walk up to their prey and ask them to please let them eat them and it's all a fun, happy time for each animal involved :) Ours did not kill any prey, we provided it for them, already killed (my first couple of years we actually had to kill the quail ourselves, but then we found it more cost-effective to order them already dead and frozen). Anyway, if you want to learn more about falconry, try this link: NAFA to the North American Falconers Association, and this link: USAFA Falconry to info on the US Air Force Academy's falconry program (which I was a part of).

I'll let you know any news as soon as I get the chance! Thanks for checking in on us!

July 13, 2007

I've been tagged, and STILL no baby!!

I am only 4 days from my due date, but little Daniel has made it very clear he's not ready to meet his family yet :) Of course I'm getting anxious, but I think that won't help so I'm trying to stay stress-free (in a hotel room with 2 little girls, yeah right, huh?) so that I am relaxed and he'll decide to join us . Thank GOODNESS, my hubby is going to come Saturday night to stay for good, and I won't have to call him when I go into labor and hope he makes it. That's SO AWESOME!!!!

As for being tagged, Laura (aka Stampin' Soldier) told me that I'm it, so I'll answer her questions and then try to figure out who to tag. With only 20 min to check the internet each day, I've been neglecting my Google Reader and haven't kept up with ANY blogs, I'm sorry!! Hopefully whoever I tag hasn't been tagged, but we'll see.

Here are seven random things about me:
My favorite fruit, I have recently decided, are cherries (you know, the Bing type)
When we are out of the military, I am going to get back into being a falconer
I ran cross-country while at the AF Academy (just one season before I quit for falconry) but who would look at me and guess that anymore?!?!?
I'm 5'1" tall
I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and LOVE it there!
I was 17 when I left home for the Air Force Academy
I would love to work with animals for a profession, but am not sure that I can make that happen

Here are the bloggers I am tagging (my time on the net is almost up, so I probably won't be able to come up with 7 fast enough, sorry!):

July 2, 2007

No News.....

Still no baby yet. I guess I'm a little over-anxious :) He's not due until the 17th afterall. It's been a trial living out of a hotel room with 2 little girls and the constant worry of "what in the world am I going to do with the girls when I go into labor?!?!?" I have a friend moving here on the 10th, so as long as Daniel waits until then, we're good, but if he decides to come before that I really don't know what to do. I guess when you have a small family, there are some downsides - ie a huge chance they can't make it to help you in a situation like this.

Everyone keeps asking if my mom will come out, and the answer is no. I only have one sister and she's not coming either - she's got a wedding in August, so no time. Hopefully now you see. It's worth it though to be here and to have the chance at a natural birth to have to deal with the complication of childcare. I wouldn't trade this situation for an "easy" c-section back where I live just so that neighbors could easily watch the girls. That's a silly thought, I think. So - we'll make it work!!

Anyway, I still haven't done ANY stamping. The set-up in the room just doesn't allow for it with the girls there, so I am thinking that I'll send my huge tub of stuff I brought to stamp with back with my husband when he comes to visit on the 4th. Bummer.

Well, take care, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and to NOT BE PREGANANT!!!! :) Have a great day!