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January 19, 2009

Great Scor-Pal DEAL!!!

I recently purchased a Scor-Pal straight from Scor-Pal and of course, I paid exactly what they ask for it because Scor-Pal cannot discount due to the fact that it will make their retailers have a hard time since they may not be able to offer discounts.  Anyway.... THIS link will take you to to 7 Kids College Fund.com and straight to a link where you can purchase the Scor-Pal, Scor-Mat, Scor-Tool, Scor-Tote and Glitter Matt for only $64 bucks.  The e-mail I got said "Use coupon code SCORPACK to get all 5 Scor-Pal items at an awesome price!" but I think if you just follow the directions on the site it should get it for you for the right price.  I think you have to select each individual item and then enter the coupon code in the appropriate spot at check-out.  Hopefully someone out there "needs" a Scor-Pal and this will help you out!!!

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  1. Shame on you, you are teasing me again. You know I am not aloud to buy one right now, but let me know how much you love yours :0) I'll stick to my cutter and scoring blade for now. Hey guess what.........It's SNOWING! Will post pics later ;P


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