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January 17, 2009

Blog Awards

ButterflyBlog_Award_htm        TeacupblogAward_htm

Sweet Bekki tagged me with these two blog awards. I'm supposed to tag 10 people to pass them on.  I think that I will "tag" everyone in my "Blogs to Browse" list over in my right-hand sidebar.  So, if you're in that list and haven't already been tagged, you're tagged!!!  I couldn't think of just 10 so my list will have to do.  We had a very interesting start to our day that will be costly and was embarrassing for me, so I really don't want to share it, so my "me" time today has been shortened and copying and pasting all of those links would take forever, so kindly just click on them to check out their blogs and see how great they all are!!!

If you're lucky like us, enjoy the 3-day weekend.  If not, have a great weekend anyway and let's all make sure to watch the inauguration because every 4 years we get to enjoy watching part of history be made, no matter who the president-elect is.  This year, though, no matter whether you voted for him  or not I think it's impossible not to acknowledge the momentous occasion that this inauguration represents.  Take care!!!

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  1. Oh girl, that is sooo smart! I should have said the same thing you did!!! I hated to pick only 10 too...I don't like making people feel left out...so way to go!


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