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April 28, 2008

I was tagged....

OVER A MONTH AGO I was tagged by Tina over at LuvCraftn and being the loser that I am, I never got to "play" until now. I know all of you have better things to do than get to know me, and probably the whole world has been tagged by now (and I don't have the time - see what time I'm posting this?!?!? I've got to get up early to take my daughter to school too...) I'll probably tag people who have already been tagged. I won't be offended if you don't play with me when I tag you - especially if you've already done it :)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was getting ready for the end of my 2nd semester at the Air Force Academy. I had recently quit the cross-country team and tried out for, taken the state licensing exam for, and made the Academy's Falconry team. I was also about done with the craziness of the 4-degree (freshman) year at the Academy. Fun times......

What was I doing 1 year ago? I was trying to figure out how I would get to San Antonio to have my son. I desperately wanted to VBAC and couldn't attempt that where I lived if I wanted to be as safe as possible.

5 favorite snacks? Anything with peanut butter and chocolate, kettle corn popcorn, honey mustard pretzels, GOOD oranges, Braeburn apples

5 things I ould do if I was a millionaire?
1- Invest/save for future (college, weddings, missions, retirement, etc.)
2- Buy our house in Del Rio (that we need to sell before July)
3- Buy some land and set money aside to build on it when we're out of the AF
4- Pay off our cars
5- Pay for our family to take a vacation somewhere (all immediate family - grandparents, brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews)

5 things I like doing? Anything with my family, running, camping, playing ultimate frisbee, riding horses

5 things I will never wear again- short skirts, short shorts, bikini, spandex, hopefully my "fat" clothes (except for that last one, I agree with Tina's own answers - for many different reasons)

5 favorite toys- My new laptop (I don't have it yet, but love it already), my digital camera, my DVR, my new running shoes, my jogging stroller

5 people I am going to tag-
Jennifer Nellenback
Juanita B (I don't think you have a blog, but I would love to hear your answers in a comment on this post, or in an e-mail, which you could then tag people through instead of a blog!)
Teresa Otto
Laura Evangeline
Brandie Nelson

I am so whiney....

As I sat here and looked at the sweet comments everyone left for my post explaining my hectic life, I felt like a whiner. Granted, I've only seen my husband for 2 weeks since the beginning of the year, but at least he's safe and sound and not getting shot at. At least it has only been 4 months, not the typical minimum of 6 most Air Force service men and women endure separated from their families (we're lucky, pilots are "typically" deployed even less than that, but they are still gone on VERY frequent 2-3 week TDY's even though they're not actually "deployed"), and THAT is far less than our brothers and sisters in the Army endure. Those men and women can go for 1.5 years at a time, and they're given these little R-and-R trips back home for a few days and that's supposed to be good enough to give them their fix of their loved ones before they're back in the desert getting shot at. So....while I don't mean to minimize what my husband does, or even what I did for my short time in the USAF myself, I realize that I really am not sacrificing a lot right now. I wish for my children's sakes that we hadn't been apart this long, but so does the Army wife who's husband is gone for an 18 month deployment, only to find out he's been "extended" to stay there a bit longer. I know how blessed I am, and I guess the reason why I was whining is because military or not, it is hard being a "single" parent. I don't know how ANYONE can do it. I don't get any time for me, and so the selfish person inside of me is what caused the whining. With that, I will bid you a good evening, thank you for your kind words, and promise to be more aware of all that I have been blessed with rather than writing on here to, perhaps subconciously, recieve those words of pity that will make me feel better and more justified for my whining. I'm glad that they didn't, that they made me realize just how good I've got it! I would like to thank all of our honorable service members who are sacrificing for this country with their time, talent, commitment and sadly their lives, so that we can all enjoy the wonderful freedoms that we are so accustomed to in this country. Let us never forget how we got them! Have a great night!!!!

April 27, 2008

I would walk five hundred miles.....

Well, that's what I would do to get my family with my husband again, and I would walk 500 more, just to be all together. Now do I have that fun song in your head with my not so slick reference to it?

Anyway, I have been gone so long because it's difficult using the computer at my parents house to upload pictures, but it's even more difficult to upload pictures of projects you haven't gotten to make!!! I have to make 2 cards each for my 6 stamp club members over the next 2 days, so I will post those as soon as I get to Oklahoma in the beggining of May, where we will be joining my husband!!! Yippee!!! Also, I will have a new laptop waiting for me there, so I am hoping to find it's much easier to do the posting that I would like to do.

Anyway, thank you for your patience with me. Life in the military isn't always that fun when you're moving around the country every couple of months, and thank goodness our end is in site (in July we'll move to Delaware for at least 3 years). Take care, make sure to subscribe to my blog so you don't waste your time checking in every day, and I will post as soon as I can!!!!!