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January 8, 2009

Before, during, and after....

So, I told you my stampin' space was REALLY messy.  Here it is before the cleaning, during it, and after it. 

Before, during and after:



































I have my handy dandy Maine Blueberry bag that I bought at SU! Convention last summer sitting on the floor to the left of my chair for easy access to all of my scissors, adhesives, my bone folder, paper piercing tool, template, mat and cutting mat, Crop-a-Dile, and so on....

I can't wait to stamp tonight!!!!  :)

ETA:  I have been asked by several people if this is the SU! ink storage container.  NO - it's NOT.  In my honest opinion, this one is much more sturdy and of better quality.  I have had it for about 4 years and bought it from CDJ Designs.  It is called a Porta Ink.  It swivels very smothly and is of durable construction.  CDJ Designs sold the "rights" to the Porta Ink and it is now manufactured (for less than I paid for it!!) by First Choice Products and you can find it HERE for purchase if you would like. 


  1. My after never looks that neat! I've resigned myself to leaving some things on my desk even though it's not neat since I get tired of putting them away and needing them again. I'll just put them on the floor when I don't need to use them :-)

  2. Wow! That's quite an improvement! And quite a ink pad/refill collection! I'm gonna get there someday! How long have you been stampin'?

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I thought I was looking at my own stamping table when I looked at the first 2 photos!!! I think the only time my desk looks as neat as yours in the last photo is just before stamp club because my stamping table gets used at club.

  4. Wow, when are you coming to visit....and will you do this to mine LOL! Hope you are well girl!


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