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January 15, 2009

It's Stamps in the Mail Time!!!!

SIM is now CLOSED.  If you would like to sign up for it, please contact me to see when the next kits are scheduled to go out.

I am doing a another Stamps in the Mail (SIM) program and am so excited for you!!!  The last one was a HUGE success and this one will be even better because I'm re-vamping the program a little after sending out feedback questionnaires and due to the BRAND NEW Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog coming out!! 

I've chosen to do it from February - May, and you commit to $40 a month for those four months.  You will receive stamps and accessories along with instructions, templates and photos for each project.  The best part is all of the CS and paper will be pre-cut and ready to stamp!!!  Your items will total at least $30 and this includes all of the raw materials and purchased items you will receive.  The other $10 is reserved to cover some shipping, consumables, and time/labor on my part.  When your kit arrives in the mail, just open the box, check your e-mail for the templates, directions and photos, and STAMP!!! 

How many projects will you be making, you ask?  You will receive what you need to create FOUR projects - TWICE - in each monthly kit.  You can keep one of each project for yourself and give the other away!!

The first stamp set you will receive is "Friends 24-7" on page 81 of the NEW IB&C.  If don't have your own copy of the Idea Book, you will be able to see that stamp set on the SU! website.  It has some gorgeous coordinating papers and even a beautiful coordinating wheel.  There will be at least one other stamp set included in the 3 remaining kits, but we will build up a good supply of accessories and embellishments throughout the purchase of the 4 kits so that you have lots to play with!!

Each card will have it's own sketch diagram (projects will too if necessary), photos of the actual completed project and instructions for assembly so that you can create it with the supplies you received that month or with other colors and stamps/accessories you have for a totally different look. 

If you are interested in participating I need to know by January 31st with the first payment being due to me by February 9th so that I can get the kits back in the mail to you by the last Monday in February.

When you sign up for this program, you are obligated to participate for all four months.  If for some reason you need to withdraw, you will need to find a replacement for your spot. 

Should you decide that you want to earn free stamps, coordinate it with me and we will see if one of the months you can be the hostess.  You will need to submit orders from friends and yourself totaling $150 (not including your regular SIM monthly fee) and those orders will be added to the total SIM order and you will get ALL of the hostess benefits, not just the ones that apply to a $150 order.  That means EVEN MORE free stuff!!!

So, now that you really want to be a part of a program where you can open a box and just start stamping, please e-mail me at mariemc01@gmail.com   Get a friend to do it with you (or friends) so that you can get together and do some stamping together with all of the supplies and instructions right at your fingertips.  I will communicate with the group when the last month is upon us to see who wants to continue the program, but at that point, there is no obligation past the 4 months unless you re-sign up.

Lastly, if you check the Stamps in the Mail category in my left-hand sidebar in the Category Cloud, you will see some of the samples from the last SIM that was based around one stamp set (Eastern Blooms). 

Clear as mud?!?!  I hope to hear from you - I'm excited to share my love of stamps and teaching through this Stamps in the Mail program and blow you away with all the creative possibilities of the items you receive!   Please e-mail me at mariemc01@gmail.com with any questions or to SIGN UP!!

Some comments from past participants in the SIM program:

- Getting a stamp set and ideas to specifically go with it; getting to try items and papers that maybe I wouldn't know if I wanted until I used it is what appealed to me most about the SIM program.

-  If you are looking at exploring projects and need to know exactly what to get (and enjoy getting a few extra's for free...) along with the instructions on how to make them...this is the program to do so.

-  I would absolutely recommend SIM to others – it's a great program.

-  SIM was DEFINITELY worth the money I put into it!!!

-  You know you're getting your money's worth when it's SU! product, and I loved that I always ended up with extra product after making the cards.

-  It was really nice to be able to pull my items out of the box, set the instructions and templates you made next to me on my table, and just start stamping!  I had everything I needed at my fingertips!

-  I enjoyed this 3 month program and could've gone longer.


  1. Very very cool idea. Let me know how that goes!

  2. I am sooo tempted to do this. I am already in a SU group, plus my scrapbook kit. SOunds SOOO NEAT though! MAybe next time.


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