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January 13, 2009

More Scor-Pal info

Well, I wish I had been a little more patient!!!!  Here's what Stacy P. told me:

"Hey Marie –
Try to go to the Scor-Pal site… while the 7Kids College Fund is a little cheaper, there is a DELUXE package that may make spending a little more worth it…..
I am considering the same right now… that and a big tape gun that holds 36 yards of ¼” wide tape – I think it is the 714 from Scotch…. Think of the savings on adhesive in the future????
Hope that helps – no place sells either thing locally "

So...now I'm off to Scor-Palto check what I missed out on and look at the tape gun.  I've heard people rave about ATG guns (is that what they're called?) and I've seen one at my friend Cherie's house.  They seem awesome.  I wouldn't demo at SU! events with them, but think about for swaps and even day-to-day use, GREAT way to save!!!

A BIG thanks to Stacy for passing this info on to me.  If you ever have tips/advice/info like this I would love to hear it!


  1. I do like the atg gun...there is a difference in the two 1/4 in. tapes, I've found...the cheaper 3m red plaid liner tape dispenses easier than the gold liner/acid free roll...don't know why, but it does. I am keeping both on hand but I think the non acid free is fine for cards and atc's...
    It rubs off easy too, if you get it where you don't want it! It appears to stay stuck good....I've only had mine a month! lol have fun!

  2. Hey Marie, hop over to my blog to see a treat I have for you...


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