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January 12, 2009

Do you want to win?

Well, I finally decided what I am going to have as the prize for my Boot Loot, aka blog candy on most blogs.  My blog passed 100K hits recently so I thought I would make this be a fun one.  I am really sorry, but if you continue to read, you will see that if you are not a US resident or don't have an APO mailbox, then you can not join in this Boot Loot.  See why below.

Who is excited about the Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog that will be revealed on January 19th?  I know I am!!!!!  I am so excited that I even had a DREAM about getting it!!!  Okay, I have a sickness...it's called being a stampaholic - addicted most strongly to the stamps and other items of the SU! persuasion.

So....I thought I would give you a random hodge-podge of short-answer questions to answer.  That's all you have to do to get registered to win.  I'm trying to see if one of the questions ends up with the same results as when it was asked at a function I was at recently.  They're truly random questions, but still interesting...I think anyway.

Please leave your answer to the following questions in a comment below and ensure that you leave your name and e-mail when you post  so that I can contact the winner.  ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PLEASE, and definitely keep reading this post to see the "limitation" listed below:

1.  What is your favorite type of gum?

2.  What is your favorite candy bar?

3.  What brand of toothpaste do you use?

So...I'll tell you my answers after I post the winner.  I will use the random.org program to draw a random winner, so PLEASE only one comment per person to keep it accurate!!!  You have until Thursday at 8:00 pm (EST) to enter and I will announce the winner Friday morning.  Tell your friends to come play and share the fun.

Oh....you want to know WHAT you're going to win???? ;)  I almost forgot to tell you!!  Well, not really, I just wanted to keep you hanging!! :P

I will give the winner a $50 gift certificate to buy anything they want out of the NEW SU! IB&C!!!!!!

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The great thing for you is that:

 1. I will be expediting this order (because I don't have tax to pay on orders since I live in DE I decided that I would spend the money to expedite this order - I've never done that before, but I really want my stuff!!) so it will ship to me faster.  You won't have to pay for the shipping from me to you either!!! 

2.  Because I don't pay tax on my orders, you won't be paying tax on your order, so that means you only have to pay shipping, which if you don't want to spend a penny more than the $50 I'm giving you, you get $45.45 in FREE SU! merchandise!!!! 

I will work out the order details with the winner.  We'll want to order ASAP to get these goodies in your hands and not run into a backorder situation with the gazillions of orders sure to go in at the stroke of noon, Mountain Time, on January 19th!!!!

The only limitationis that I can only accept entriess from the US or APO addresses.  Sorry - I would be breaking SU! rules since this is SU! merchandise!!!  I really am sorry to my international friends, and I promise that my next big give-away will not be SU! merchandise that is ordered!!!!!!!!  I appreciate each of you too, I'm just so excited about this new catty that I thought I would make the Boot Loot come from it!!

So, good luck and I can't wait to hear your answers!!!


  1. My favorite gum is Trident White cinnamon
    My favorite candy bar is Heath
    I use Plus White toothpaste

  2. Favorite gum is Trident Original flavor
    Favorite candy bar is Watchamacalit
    I use Crest Pro Health toothpaste

  3. Funny questions!!
    I LOVE Orbit Gum! (Bubblemint) "Dirty mouth - clean it up!"
    My fave CB is Payday - I love all things peanut! Weird, I know
    I use Aquafresh - the new kind with the orange stripe.
    Way to go on all those hits!!
    l b fiedler (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I like how you included the APO addresses! You rock!!!
    1. What is your favorite type of gum? I'm not really a gum person, but I'm gonna say Bubblicious! It was the cool gum in middle school.
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? I'm going with Twix on this one. They have to be cold though. I need my chocolate to 'SNAP'!
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? At the moment I'm using whatever kind the PX has. It's difficult to be choosy here. Even back home I'd go for whatever coupon I happened to have. I think I like Colgate with the breath strips though. I just tried the vanilla and orange kind... YUCKY!
    Laura Barefoot

  5. Hey Marie, Thanks for the Birthday Wish!!
    GUM - Big Red for sure!!
    Candy Bar - Ohh!! That's hard I like a lot...SNICKERS!
    Toothpaste - Colgate Fresh Max with Mouthwash Beads tastes like Scope

  6. Hey Marie, Thanks for the Birthday Wish!!
    GUM - Big Red for sure!!
    Candy Bar - Ohh!! That's hard I like a lot...SNICKERS!
    Toothpaste - Colgate Fresh Max with Mouthwash Beads tastes like Scope

  7. 1. What is your favorite type of gum?
    Wrigleys Spearmint
    2. What is your favorite candy bar?
    Hershey bar with almonds
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use?
    Crest whitening
    Carol Doyle

  8. 1. Trident Spearmint
    2. Twix original
    3. Some type of Crest minty flavored
    Congrats on 100k hits!

  9. This is awesome.
    My favorite gum is Wrigley's Spearmint Gum.
    My favorite candy bar is Hershey with Almonds.
    Toothpaste is Crest.
    WOW 100k hits! I know I was one of them. LOL

  10. 1. I do not chew gum.
    2. I do not eat candy much.
    3. Sensodine tp, and not because of 1 & 2.
    And I do not want to win (I would rather order from myself!!!), but I love to play, and you get an extra comment this way. Just pretend I am not here, k?

  11. As a fellow demo, don't include me in the drawing - I just wanted to say congrats on your 100K blog hits and answer the questions! You know I'm camped out at my mailbox, too!!
    1. My favorite gum is Stride - Winterblue (you really do get tired of chewing before the flavor goes away)
    2. My favorite candy bar is Snickers
    3. My current toothpaste of choice (until they stop making it, which always seems to happen to me) is Colgate Advanced Fresh plus Whitening

  12. 1. Big Red
    2. Snickers
    3. Crest ProHealth

  13. Congrats on the 100K!!!
    1. my favorite gum is Big Red. never leave home without some.
    2. my favorite candy bar is Butterfinger; but I almost never eat them 'cause they stick in my teeth!!!LOL
    3. my favorite toothpaste is CREST whitening. (but really I will use any. )
    Great quiz!!! fun change!!

  14. 1. Bubble gum
    2. Nut Goodie
    3. Crest

  15. 1. I don't chew gum - but, when I did, Juicy Fruit.
    2. Milky Way mmmmmm good!
    3. Sensodyne cool gel.
    Congratulations - Thanks for the chance to win free SU merchandise!

  16. Congratulations!!!
    Fav gum- Take5
    Fav candybar- Hershey with crispies
    fav toothpaste- Crest vivid
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  17. 1. My fave gum is Orbit, spearmint
    2. My fave candy bar is Hersheys Special Dark
    3. I use Colgate Advanced Fresh toothpaste
    So fun!! Congrats on 100K hits! Happy 2009!

  18. Orbit White Spearmint for me.
    Heath Bar or Skor candy bar.
    Sensodyne toothpaste!
    Hope I win. I'm addicted to stamps too!! Thank you.

  19. 1. Green Extra
    2. Caramello
    3. Colgate
    Jenn Buxton

  20. Fun questions!
    Gum - I actually prefer mints - lifesavers vanilla mint Yummy!!
    Candy Bar - Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
    Toothpaste - Colegate Total. I refuse to buy Crest because Colegate comes with the flip top.

  21. 1. What is your favorite type of gum? Wrigley's Spearmint
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? Twix
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Colgate Whitening
    Marilyn Goodrich

  22. gum - Peelu, the toothbrush gum!
    candy bar - Green and Blacks 60% dark chocolate
    toothpaste - Nature's Gate Anise/fluoride free
    bet I'm the only one w/these answers! lol
    Great blog candy though! sure beats winning toothpaste!

  23. Cool Boot Loot!!!!!
    1. What is your favorite type of gum? Orbit Mint Mojito
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? Reese's
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Crest Intelliclean Fluoride Anticavity toothpaste in Cool Mint (it's the only flavor I can find that fits in my Sonicare Intelliclean toothbrush)

  24. Patty.cakes of Columbus, GAJan 12, 2009, 12:49:00 PM

    Congratulations on your HITS!! What great questions, one cannot fail, I am anxious to see new caty.
    Gum: Orbit
    Candy: Heath
    Toothpaste: Colgate 2 in 1 whitening, flip-top

  25. This is so easy... who wouldn't play along! ;^)
    1. What is your favorite type of gum? Wrigley's Extra Classic Bubble Gum
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? Snickers
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Colgate Total, paste- not gel!
    Excellent boot loot, can't wait to see who wins!

  26. 1. Favorite gum is stride in any flavor I just LOVE that stuff!
    2. Favorite candy bar is one from canada called aero...american one is good old almond snickers
    3. toothpaste...right now we are using colgate gel.

  27. Gum Exta Winterfresh
    Favorite Candy Bar..ALL OF THEM---If I had to pick one it would be a Heath Bar--I really like Marathon bars as a kid, but those aren't made any more
    Crest Tarter Control Cinnamon
    Thanks for the chances!-Loved the ideas on your blog

  28. Gum:Take5 Flare
    Candy Bar: Skor
    Toothpaste: Creat Whitening

  29. Marie, you are a hoot!
    1. Don't chew gum
    2. Crest
    3. Heath Bar

  30. Love your sense of humor Marie
    gum: orbit white any flavor
    candy bar: Nutragous
    tooth paste: Crest sensitivity
    Hope that I win!! You are the bomb.

  31. Gum: orbit in the blue box (because they don't make Beeman's anymore)
    Toothpaste: Colgate, never a tube, always the standup bottle
    Candy bar: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (is that a bar?)

  32. 1. Favorite gum ... any sugarfree
    2. Crest Toothpaste
    3. Kit Kat

  33. Felicitaciones on the Blog!
    Gum: Big Red Cinnamon
    Candy Bar: Hershey's Cookies and Cream
    Toothpaste: Crest

  34. Gum: Bubbalicious Watermelon
    Candy Bar: 1000 Grand
    Toothpast: Colgate Total
    May random org be on my side. GREAT PRIZE.Thanks

  35. My favorite gum is Strawberry Big League Chew becasue there's a ton of it and I can blow crazy bubbles with it.
    My favorite candy bar is Look. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
    My favorite toothpaste is Crest Multicare Whitening.

  36. AWESOME boot loot - you rock!
    1. What is your favorite type of gum? I'm actually a mint girl, and I like the Eclipse mints in Winterfrost.
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? Whatchamacallit - yum!
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Crest.

  37. Congratulations Marie. I love the name "Boot Loot." Very clever. I am a Doublemint girl and a Mounds maniac. To get rid of all that sugar I use Crest.

  38. Hey there...what fun questions, I'm game! :)
    1. Orbitz
    2. Reese's
    3. Colgate
    hope you are having a wonderful New Year!! :)

  39. 1. What is your favorite type of gum? big red
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? cup o gold
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? toms whitening
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!
    jolie newman

  40. I just love all your great incentives & ideas! :) I totally can't wait to get the catalog either - I'm soooo psyched!!
    Favorite Gum: Hubba Bubba Watermelon
    Favorite Candy Bar: Skor
    Favorite Toothpaste: Aim

  41. Wow, great boot loot!
    1. Bubble Yum
    2. Dove dark Choclolate Bar
    3. Crest Mint Gel
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Teresa Blue

  42. Gum: Chiclets (with the crunchy outer shell)
    Toothpaste: Good Ol' plain Crest (paste, not gel)
    Candy bar: Take Five (pretzel and peanut butter surrounded by chocolate! Oh My!
    Thanks for entering me in the contest!

  43. gum wrigley spearment
    candy bar hersheys w/almonds
    sensydine mint

  44. Congrats on 100K!!! Very exciting! I'm very much looking forward to the new catalog -- from the sneaks, it looks amazing!
    1. Orbitz Peppermint
    2. Snickers
    3. Crest Pro-Health
    -Pegg (peggstone at gmail dot com)

  45. Gum: Trident Any Flavor
    Candy Bar: Skor, toffee and chocolate can it get any better?
    Toothpaste: Crest Pro Health
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  46. 1. What is your favorite type of gum?
    I chew gum everyday and go in spurts right now it is Orbits-citrusmint
    2. What is your favorite candy bar?
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use?
    Crest, and I brush them in the shower, my Hubby thinks it is gross!! I think it is cleaner, no mess!

  47. What a great giveaway Marie!!
    Ok, here are my answers:
    1. What is your favorite type of gum?
    I think it's called Orbit
    2. What is your favorite candy bar?
    Do M&M's count?! Peanut please :)
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use?
    ~Cori S

  48. 1. I think my favorite gum is Big Red. It is that cinnamon flavored gum. I don't chew gum very often, though. I always forget to buy it!
    2. Only one candy bar?!?!?? Reese Cups!
    3. Toothpaste = Whatever is on sale with a coupon - mostly Crest.

  49. Gum: Extra Peppermint
    Candy Bar: Is Toblerone too out there for this question? If so, the next would be Snickers.
    Toothpaste: Crest Extreme Mint

  50. I'm an SU Demo so I don't need to win, but what a fun idea.
    1. Don't chew gum
    2. Anything dark chocolate OR Reeese's peanut butter cup! I know, it's not dark chocolate, but it IS peanut butter!!!!
    3. Clean & Bright

  51. 1. Orbit Spearmint
    2. Symphony Milk Chocolate, Almonds and Toffee
    3. Aim

  52. Trident, Bubblegum flavor
    Crest Whitening
    Thanks for the chance to win SU! cash:) Awesome blog by the way!!

  53. wrigley gum
    hersheys w/almonds

  54. Gum, has to be anything Sugar Free, I don't chew all that much gum
    Candy bar, hands down - - Snickers!!
    Toothpaste, anything on sale and what I have a coupon for which is normally Crest or Colgate.
    Congrats on the milestone!

  55. Trident/peppermint
    Heath bar
    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  56. What an awesome giveaway!
    1. What is your favorite type of gum? - I don't chew it much b/c of a bad jaw, but when I do it's trident orange flavor
    2. What is your favorite candy bar? Twix
    3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Arm & Hammer Baking Soda & Peroxide

  57. My favorite gum is Trident Original Flavor. My favorite candy bar is Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. And the toothpaste I use is Arm & Hammer Dental Care. I can't use anything else now!

  58. Thanks for setting me straight in e-mail.
    1. Eclipse any minty flavor
    2. Three Musketeer
    3. Colgate total

  59. Gum: Ha! I haven't chewed gum in years but I used to love Beeman's Pepsin or BlackJack
    Candy bar: Almond Joy
    Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer advanced white sensitive

  60. Virginiaa LarsenJan 14, 2009, 5:35:00 PM

    Favorite gum: anything with cinnamon
    Favorite candy bar: Heath
    Toothpaste: Crest Whitening
    Yes! Yesterday I became a grandmother again!
    Great blog!

  61. My favorite candy is Hershey's Kisses.

  62. Forgot to answer the other two: don't chew gum & I have dentures, so don't use toothpaste.

  63. 1. Gum - chewing - Wrigley's Doublemint
    2. Candy Bar - Babe Ruth
    3. Toothpaste - Tom's Natural
    Thanks!! & Congratulations on the hits!!
    Phyllis W. - princessinkyfingers@gmail.com

  64. 1. Gum--any that's cinnamon flavored
    2. Candy Bar--Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    3. Toothpaste--Aquafresh whitening


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Marie :)