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January 9, 2009

Lovin' this challenge!

Today's Limited Supplies Challenge (LSC202) over at SCS is a GREAT one!!  I am so excited to get to do it and hope to do so when my little one naps, so stay tuned later today for a post with a card!!  In the meantime, why don't you go on over, check out the challenge (think Valentine's day!!) and play along too and share your card/creation with me!!!  I would love to check out what you make and leave you a comment!

Also, two other things....some of my Feedblitz subscribers have informed me that either they still aren't getting my updates, or they're going straight to their trash boxes now.  Weird.  I don't like Feedblitz.  Feedburner is still working okay.

The other thing is that you know how I need to track my visits to get my Boot Loot (aka blog candy) up for hitting 100K visitors?  Well...the day after I announced that, my counter stopped working.  I'm noticing it's not working for other people on their blogs either.  Do you guys see numbers on my counter or on anyone else's who use the same free counter service?  Is it just me?

Card coming later....


  1. I don't see a counter anymore!

  2. I do not see your counter, either. I used to use that one, but I've since switched to a different one. Sorry, I am no help at all.

  3. no numbers :0(

  4. My counter bit the dust today too, and I use blogspot, not typepad! Hmmmmm.
    PS: love your blog!


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