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January 8, 2009

If you agree....

...then please click on THIS link and write your congressman.  HERE is a link to an article and I verified this on snopes.com.

There is a new law that will come in to effect on February 10th OF THIS YEAR that will basically destroy all small business owners who make and sell childrens toys or clothing. It will force second hand stores to stop selling any childrens clothes...

Click on the link above to the article to read more.  Then, if you agree that this should be STOPPED click on the other link I provided above to write your congressman.  They are there to REPRESENT us and they can't do that if they don't know what we want!! 

If you don't care or don't agree, then no sweat off your back - I just wanted to get this word out.  Feel free to post a link to this post on your blog, or e-mail it to your friends to spread the word!!!! 

Having three kids, I DO use the thrift store.  Not for everything, but it is a valuable resource both for selling all of my kid's outgrown items AND for purchasing ones that we need.

Have a great day - no more posts today ;)

Here is what I sent my congressman - feel free to copy and past it into your own form:

"It has come to my attention that there is a law that will go into effect on February 10th that will virtually destroy all small business owners who make and sell children's toys or clothing. It will force second-hand stores to stop selling any children's clothes.  This law will deem that any product not tested for lead content by Feb. 10 be considered hazardous waste, and will cause stores to have to tell customers that clothing they were allowed to sell Feb. 9 became banned overnight.  I believe it is far too broad.

I believe that the law should be changed so that it applies to products made after Feb. 10, not sold after that date.  I understand that the intent of this law is to protect our children - providing them better health and safety, but it should be considered over a longer period of time and receive some refining before enacted.

I appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of myself and my family, and hope that you will take action on this matter."

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