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January 27, 2009

My kids are SO happy!


We've been hoping for some snow pretty much since moving here to Delaware this summer ;)  We only got one snowfall in Texas while we lived there and we were lucky enough to be visiting my family 1-2 times when it snowed there. So, my kids have seen snow, but this is only the second time it has snowed where WE live.  It's a light coat of snow, and there will be a little more today and by tomorrow it will stop, but they're so excited. They wanted to play outside before going to school this morning, and I promised that we would later today after school, lunch, the baby's nap, etc.  Anyway - stay tuned tomorrow for a card!!  Have a great day and wherever you are, keep warm!!  There is some crazy weather out there that we've seen on the news!  The picture above is from our front door.


  1. I love snow too!!! I have lived in the tropics half my life so any time it comes I'm lovin' it...unless, I have to go deliver papers in it...right now, we are getting nothing but nasty freezing rain! Yuck!!! But have fun in that snow!

  2. You can have the 2 feet of snow in my yard, not the mention the foot of snow on my driveway that isn't really snow any more, but ICE!! LOL No but I like the snow. It isn't that pretty aroud the town here though. They use gravel to make it so it not slick. So it is dirty looking! I am tired of it. SO many accidents from the ice. Glad you all got some though. It is fun everyonce in awhile. Montana sometimes has snow in Oct all the way till APril!!

  3. I like snow and have always lived where there was some snow in the winter. I just don't like worrying about my DH & teenagers driving in the stuff or having to drive in it myself. Now if we could all have a snow day and stay home . . .I like sledding!!!


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