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September 12, 2008

I am SO upset....

The latest word from typepad is that my files are too large.  Well, I KNOW that that is not true because I have made them smaller and the pictures will still not upload, and additionally, until three days ago, I could upload any and every picture and now sometimes I can upload one, and then later I can't upload THE EXACT SAME PICTURE.  Granted, the one file I saved as "for web" worked, but the quality is poor and if it had been that only this option worked when I looked into buying Typepad services, I WOULD NOT have gone with Typepad.  I absolutely do not believe that it is coincidence that this has been happening ONLY since my blog was "upgraded".  I also KNOW that I have not changed the way I take my photographs, upload them to my computer, edit them in Photoshop, OR how I save them.  So....someone please tell me how it is the size of the picture when everything is the same as it always has been except for the fact that Typepad has upgraded my blog?!?!?  The inevitable is about to occur...I think that I am going to have to move my blog again.  This frustrates me to no end as I have just finally gotten situated over here at Typepad and have this blog address out there in so many places, and now it appears it will have to change.  Typepad will have a little bit of time to work on this, but if I make the decision to move and have to pay someone else for their services, I won't/can't come back to Typepad.  Any suggestions out there?  Do ANY of you have Typepad and HAVE BEEN UPGRADED?  It tells you at the top of your screen when you're at your blog's home page where you edit it.  I can't imagine it's just me having this problem.  I wish Typepad would tell me that.  I don't know what to do?  I've PAID for Typepad and can't use it.  What do I do?  Typepad, are you out there?  Do you care?  Why can't you fix this?!?!?!  It is  NOT me, and I shouldn't have to save files in a special way just to post them on my blog.  That is not how it was when I signed up for Typepad and such a drastic change in procedures should not occur for paying members.  The fact that Typepad freezes up every five seconds doesn't help either.  It doesn't really matter if pictures won't upload if I can't even type anything.  Funny...it's not happening now, but I guess it lets me get this post up.  I was SO pleased with Typepad, and now I woudn't recommend it to anyone.  We'll see if that changes with a FIX for the problem instead of just telling me it's the picture size when that doesn't actually allow me to upload every picture and it freezes up my computer!!!

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