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September 10, 2008

First gripe about Typepad

Typepad got back to me with a response of how to fix my problem.  The problem is that their solution was obviously not what is causing the problem because it was an easy to follow solution from them, and it didn't fix the problem. 

When I try to upload any picture I get this "sweet" little message that says, "Sorry, this file doesn't look valid."  It's a bunch of GARBAGE!!!  I just got told the other day that my Typepad had been upgraded (yesterday, actually) and as you can see, ever since I haven't been able to upload any photos. Please bear with me through this as I have NO IDEA how to fix the problem and Typepad is not responding.  Do any of you know what I can do?  I am so frustrated, and as you may know, Typepad is not free -  I pay for this blog - and I can't use it for my intended purpose.

If you do have help for me, know that I am GREATLY appreciative!!!!

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  1. hi there! if you're still having trouble, please shoot me an email and we'll work together to get it sorted out.


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