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September 12, 2008

another test


I am trying to show Typepad that while I don't know all of the technical lingo, or exactly how to describe in detail what I do to create my posts, I DO know how to get things to work and OBVIOUSLY something is not right on Typepad's end.  This is a picture that I uploaded HERE ALREADY - as in it already was uploaded by Typepad in the past - and as you can see, I couldn't upload it today unless I saved it "for web" first, so I know that the size is NOT the problem if I could upload it before but not now.  UNLESS they made the upgraded version of Typepad not meet the same performance levels as the previous version.  In which case, that is unjust to those of us that paid for a service that functioned a certain way and now it doesn't.  I don't understand why this isn't figured out.  I know, I know, I am getting so frustrated and am just trying to stay nice about it.  I am looking into another host, but to do it through her it's $250 right off the bat and then $100 every year.  While I love blogging and sharing with my customers and friends, I don't make enough money to justify paying that much for a blog.  I may just quit blogging.  I can just visit everyone else's and if this doesn't get resolved, I will be very vocal about it because while Typepad is a big company and they can just tell me "tough luck" and not make it right, I can do all that is possible to let others know how I was treated.  I certainly hope that my lack of hearing from the "help team" and the fact that they don't try to do a "real-time" chat with you to get on the same page instead of going back and forth for DAYS doesn't mean that it can't be fixed.  Okay, okay...I'll breath and be nice again.  I'm sure that the Typepad people are all nice in real life - they're just not helping me fix this so I'm in a bad mood.  All of their answers to what "must be" the problem are not right, they're looking very superficially at this problem.   Ranting done. 

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