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June 30, 2008

Marie's Phone-a-Thon

Mark this down on your to-do list for tomorrow!!!!

On July 1st, call me between 9 am and 9 pm (Central Time) and place an order and look what you can get!!!!

- The first caller automatically gets 1 FREE Classic Ink Pad of their choice
- ALL callers get 1 entry into a drawing for every increment of $50 that they spend for a $10 gift certificate to add on to their order (ie. spend $0-$50 and you get 1 entry, $51-$100 2 entries, $101-$150 3 entries, and so on)
- If you order $100 in items, you get free shipping on your order (plus the above mentioned entries into the drawing and any other applicable prizes)
- If you order $150 in items you get all the above mentioned applicable items PLUS $15 in SU! merchandise and one Level I hostess set (and so on for hostess benefits after $150 minimum is ordered)
- If you get a group order together (people NOT on my mailing list is even better but not necessary - you bring orders to me and you benefit!!) and you get whatever hostess benefits apply, all of the applicable items above, AND a FREE STAMP SET/ITEM valued at $20 or less (total group order must be a minimum of $150)
- If you get someone to place an order who is NOT on my mailing list you get a FREE Classic ink pad of your choice

I will only be able to accept credit/debit cards for this promotion.

Hopefully it all sounds good to you. I'm doing this promotion in honor of the Fourth of July, but want everyone to be able to enjoy the 4th without having to rush to the phone.

If I don't answer my phone, I'm probably taking an order, so leave your name and number and I will return your call.

*****If you are abroad and can't call (I have several over-seas friends who remained customers with their moves) just shoot me an e-mail during the hours of the promotion. You will still get any goodies applicable based on the time stamp on your e-mail.

To get my phone number you will need to shoot me an e-mail prior to the 1st or leave a comment here (with your e-mail available in the post or in your profile) and I will give it to you. I don't really want to post it for possible spammers to see. Hope you understand. Thanks!

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