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June 27, 2008

I am GOING to stamp tomorrow, but....

First, this is me asking each of you a favor.  If you have me listed in your blogrolls, would you please make sure that you have changed my blog address to this one at TypePad.  It's the same exact address except where "blogspot" used to be, you should now insert "typepad".  I really appreciate it. I would like to confuse people as little as possible :)

Tomorrow I get to stamp.  Not because anyone is going to help make that happen - the DH has to work all day because they're behind in flying at the base - but because no matter what, when Daniel takes his nap instead of cleaning as I usually do, I'm going to finish at least one card.  That's my goal.  I know the girls will be distracting, so one card will be enough without the DH home to play with the girls and keep them out of my hair.  I don't like to do the TV babysitting thing - I do that when I HAVE to, but stamping really isn't a HAVE to - and I really feel like the 2 shows (1 hr) they get in the morning around breakfast time is PLENTY!  I have seen what happens when they're allowed to watch a lot of tv - they get nasty to each other and us, they get whiny, and basically are not fun to be around.  I would rather have them outside at the playground or doing activities with me like reading and coloring.  So, anyway, TMI, right? 

All you need/want to know is that I will be posting a card tomorrow and I hope it goes smoothly.  I've never posted a pic on TypePad yet - as I only "moved" here 2 days ago :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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