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July 1, 2008

GBC Stationary Box

So, have you all seen the Stationary Boxes by Jackie Topa yet?  If not, check out the link I provided to see her incredible, detailed instructions on how to make your own.  I used my YUMMY Coconut Mango July 2008 kit from Go. Be Creative. to make mine.  I have LOTS of peeks over the next few days of projects I made with this Coconut Mango Kit.  Go to GBC to get this kit, and in the coming days I will be showing you all of the great projects I made with this kit!  ALL ITEMS USED TO MAKE THE KIT (except tools, adhesive, address book filler paper, RSVP pen and stamps) ARE PART OF THE COCONUT MANGO KIT.  No exceptions!!!  I will post the cards inside the box tomorrow.

PS - Anyone know how to get your pictures to go where you want?  I can't figure out how to do it. I thought I had it right, but in preview the text above each picture was not there anymore, the spacing was messed up.  In blogger you could drag and drop the pics where you wanted.  I can't do this in TP as of yet because you have to choose left or right text-wrapping alignments instead of "center" like you could on blogger.  So, I had to describe them as you'll see below.  Thanks to Rachel for helping me figure out the shift+enter tip!!! :)  I would appreciate any help with this new dilemma.

Pic #1 is the Stationary Box
Pic #2 is the inside of the box, a shot of the little address book I made, the pen and the stamp holder (My pen was a little too long for the box - I really wanted to make a R.S.V.P. pen with the paper inside of it - so I adhered it at a slant and my little address book has adorable button brads that are part of the GBC kit)
Pic #3 is a close-up of the easy-peasy pen
Pic #4 is a shot of how I modified the attachment of the address book (I didn't want it to be glued inside the box, I wanted the recipient to be able to take it out.  I made a little sleeve that you can slide it through to hold the last page of the book and keep the address book securely in place in the box.)





  1. Adorable! I love those papers!

  2. Adorable! I love those papers!


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