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June 6, 2008


I won't be stamping, at least not today or probably tomorrow. Altus Oklahoma was hit by one heck of a storm last night and we are still without power over 24 hours later. We put all of our food in coolers, but I lost a lot of meat that I had in the freezer.

The news says 4200 people are without power. How do I know this, without power? Because the northern section of town was in another dimension of time when the storm hit and managed to make it unscathed. So, we're in a hotel tonight because my baby has had an ear infection and a fever the past two days (hopefully the meds will kick in soon) and sleeping in a room with no A/C when it gets up to 104 degrees during the day and doesn't cool to anything below 70 degrees at night isn't too comfortable for a feverish child.

So, we're relaxing, went to the hotel pool, and I'm catching up on my blogs that I read. I thought I would just post one picture - the craziest one I took. This hotel was on the news program I saw that reported the above numbers and there WERE people in the 2nd story of the hotel that you don't see too much left of.
The local hospital reported to the news station that only one person went to the hospital with injuries from the storm and it was for a minor cut. 60 homes were damaged and 20 of them are going to be claimed as total losses. All this, and they don't even think it was an actual tornado!! Just a crazy storm that squashed some cars and houses. Everyone wishes they could say it was a tornado that destroyed their property. I feel sorry for them that it was just insane wind. Maybe we'll hear in a few days that it has been upgraded to a tornado or something.

Anyway, we are very lucky to not have had our cars damaged by one of the HUNDREDS of fallen trees or blowing debris, and our apartment complex is fine. We are all safe too and very thankful! We never heard any warning sirens and we were even outside in some of the craziness taking pictures because we didn't know just how severe it actually was since we couldn't hear the sirens. My DH doesn't know it, but after this he's getting a weather radio for Father's Day!!!

I'll post a card once I can get some stamping done.


  1. I'm sorry about all the trouble the storm has caused. Hope things will soon be back to normal again.Swedie

  2. Woooow!! Stay safe Marie! Hope the baby feels better soon!

  3. So glad you guys are safe! Keep cool and all will be better soon! Oklahoma (we lived there for 5 yrs) is notorious for it's storms and they will have everything set right soon!

  4. Hugs to you all Marie. Glad you are ok. Hope the baby feels better soon. Take care and continue to be safe. these are frightening storms. We had one in our area just 2 weeks ago that missed our house completely also. Scary stuff.Cheryl

  5. Keri Lee SereikaJun 8, 2008, 2:48:00 AM

    OH my word word Marie!!! I am so glad you are ok!!!! Gosh...take it easy!!!


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