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December 23, 2008

Tile Coasters


I made these for my mom as part of her Christmas gift.  She had asked for them, and really wanted something simple and without color, and with a dragonfly because she loves them.  I had already given her someand she likes them, but these are probably more her style.  I tried to look through my archives to find the post with the ones I gave her, and I discovered that I never posted them!!!  I made some for my sister too, so I think the pics are on my old computer that hasn't been used since 2007.  So...maybe someday I'll be able to post a picture of the other coasters - they're pretty!!

When we met my parents to get my middle DD back from a visit with them, we opened some of our presents so we could all be there when the recipient got to see what they got - mostly for my parents to see the kids faces as they opened some of them.  We saved some for Christmas too, so no worries there!!

As for making the coasters, I washed them with just water to remove the dust from them.  Oh, they're 4x4 and from Home Depot and come in boxes of nine.  I go through all the boxes and pick 9 that I want that have the least surface flaws that interrupt your stamped image.  I then let them totally dry and follow that with stamping the image in StazOn.  For these I didn't add any color.  Before, I used my Stampin' Pastels and a blender pen to add some color.  Next, even with just StazOn, I use my heat tool totally "cook" the tiles.  I go over and over and over them.  I let them cool and then I spray a VERY thin layer of Krylon sealant on them.  I let that layer dry and then I again heat the tile with my heat tool just for added drying measures and then I add another very thin layer and let it dry followed by heating with my heat tool and repeat this thin layer spray, dry and heat process for about 6-7 layers.  Finally the very last layer I apply I make it a tiny bit heavier.  I don't think with JUST StazOn that you have to worry about bleeding of the color with the Krylon, or even that you really "need" the Krylon, but I do it anyway, just as if I had added color with my Stampin' Pastels.  I've also used SU! markers before and after coloring I lay a paper towel over the tile and press to remove any excess ink, and then you have to heat it with a heat tool for a while and THEN add your Krylon and then heat it again with the heat tool after it has dried before repeating the spray, dry, heat process.  Hope that info helps if you want to make them!

Have a great day!

Stamps: Organic Grace, Inspired by Nature
Ink: Timber Brown StazOn
Accessories: Heat Tool, Krylon Clear Matte Spray Sealant, adhesive felt circles to prevent the tiles from scratching surfaces

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  1. I made one of these a long time ago with a friend and ours bled like crazy!! I am not sure what we did wrong-actually I am not even sure what we did exactly 'cause it has been so long- but I never tried again! Looks like lots of layers and heat may be the trick!! Thanks for sharing the details maybe I will try these again!!


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