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December 6, 2008

Combat Boot Challenge 06

I was looking around on Etsy and found Heatherann's shop called "Handmade by Heather".  The photo above is the picture she has at the top of her page.  It IS NOT the inspiration photo.  Rather, I thought this week I would give you your choice of any of the necklaces you find HERE is your inspiration (there are 17 pages of necklaces!!!).  When you choose your favorite and create your card, make sure to put a link to the necklace you chose so that we can see your inspiration piece.  You have two options for doing this depending on if you blog or not.  If you blog, simply save the picture of the piece you choose and put it in your post with whatever you created.  I'm sure your own readers would like to see what your inspiration was.  If you don't blog, in your comment on this post where you will leave the link to your creation in your online gallery, leave the link to the specific piece you chose.  You can do this by clicking on the necklace in her Etsy shop and then copying the link that is displayed once you do.  Just paste it in your comment here.  As a courtesy to Heatherann, please include a link to her shop in your blog post.  Thanks!  Below are the rules, and I am off to narrow it down to which one I want to use since I love so many of them!!!

Here are the rules:
You will have through Monday evening (Dec 8) to comment with a link to your creation.  Please post your link in a comment to THIS post, along with a link to the piece of jewelry that you used for inspiration (if you don't have a blog where you can just include the photo/link there in the post you are linking to).  Additionally, please ensure that you leave a direct link to the actual post or specific picture in your gallery.

On Tuesday morning, December 9th, I will post my own creation along with a list of links to all of yours.  I will use Random.org to select one of your entries as the "featured artist" in my own post.  This means for your link to appear in the initial post or to be considered as the featured artist, I would need to have it by 8:00 pm on Monday evening. 

If you upload your card to SCS, please use the keyword CBC06 with no spaces, so that we can find them easily.

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