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December 6, 2008

If You Subscribe to my Blog using FEEDBURNER....

For some reason Feedburner is not sending my blog updates via e-mail.  I've posted to the Feedburner help site, but rarely does a Feedburner "employee" bother to answer questions/help anyone out on there, so I don't know if this will get resolved.  I really like Feedburner too!!  So....I've never seen any problems with Feedblitz so for now, if you don't want to use Google Reader (which is my personal fave) then I recommend changing to Feedblitz.  It works the EXACT same as Feedburner but I've never missed an update with it and it catches bloggers new posts MUCH MORE QUICKLY/OFTEN than Feedburner does.  Feedblitz can check for new posts as often as ever hour, Feedburner checks once a day.  If you want to keep tyring Feedburner, then you need to re-subscribe using the Subscribe link on the left.  Just food for thought...

PLUS...I haven't heard a PEEP out of you guys about my Combat Boot Challenge and I REALLY hope you'll play along.  For the challenges in December I have PRIZES for the random.org chosen spotlight participant - so if you bothered to read this far you're the only ones that know that ;)  Check out this week's challenge HERE.

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  1. Hey girl - I know whats wrong and its an easy fix - email me. :)


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