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December 11, 2008

Can you let me know?

I don't think anyone who subscribes to my blog via Feedblitz OR Feedburner are getting updates. I myself subscribe so I can make sure the updates go out and I thought it was just me, but Ashley said she hasn't been getting them.  Anyone else?  I think I'm going to cancel my "account" with each of them and re-start them.  Hopefully then they'll work.  I like Google Reader so much more after all of these problems lately with Feedburner and now Feedblitz too!!!  Something weird is going on!!!


  1. I haven't been getting them either.
    Kelly in Ohio

  2. I'm missing out also. AHHHHH!

  3. I'm missing out. AHHHH!

  4. Marie:
    I'm not signed up by I usually cruise by your blog several times a week.


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