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December 15, 2008

Let me know....

I have some Christmas cards to stamp tonight and WILL show you them tomorrow.  For now I have two questions for you.

1.  If you are a subscriber to my blog via Feedblitz and you get this update via e-mail, could you let me know?  A REALLY helpful guy (Phil) over at Feedblitz has helped me sort through the problem and we think it's fixed.

2.  This question has two parts.  Part A:If you link to my blog via the widget that Blogger provides you where it says when I last updated my blog underneath my blog title, can you let me know if it still says my last update was a week ago?  It shouldn't say that.  Part B:  If you delete me from your blogroll and re-add me can you let me know if it STILL says 1 week ago?  It shouldn't... :)

Thanks so much and stay tuned for my Christmas cards tomorrow!! I will be making them in sets of 8 and I have at least 10 sets to make and each set will be different.  Fun stuff!!!

Have a great night!


  1. Can't wait to see what you have in store! hehehe

  2. I subscribe thru feedblitz

  3. Hiya! I link to your blog via the blogger widget, and it tells me that the feed is obsolete.. I deleted it an reloaded it, and it still tells me that it is obsolete.
    I'll still find ya manually, though!
    Merry Christmas!!


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