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December 1, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!!!


DSCN5451So, you've been waiting patiently for the reveal to CBC05, so here it is!!!  My posting will be a little sporadic this week as we adjust to moving my daughter into a different kindergarten class today.  She will no longer be going for a full-day.  The only full-day kindergarten in our district is for kids who have tested below what is desired to enter kindergarten in one area or another.  Five of the kids in the full-day program are asked to be in the class as "role-models" and my DD tested high enough to be asked to be in the class.  Well, after this many months of being in the full-day class as a role-model, we finally decided to pull her out and put her in the "regular" half-day program at her school because she just wasn't thriving in the classroom.  She was also upset with the teasing/exclusion at school each day when she came home and we saw no need to subject her to that, so, I will have all three kids at home every day from lunch on instead of having only the two until about 3:00 pm.  My mornings are taken up with going to the gym - I lost over 6 pounds this last week, and Thanksgiving was even in there!!!  So...hopefully you'll understand.  I need to get myself back on track - my weight included - so stamping/blogging will be taking a back seat until I can re-adjust my schedule.  Here's my almost monthly plug for using one of the links on the left-hand side of the screen to subscribe to my blog.  That way you get updates when I post them and can use your time to surf sites that are posting instead of checking to see if I've got anything new or not.

ETA:  Many of you have asked how to make the medallion flowers.  Well, it is certainly not an original design of mine, and I found a tutorial on a scrapbook sketch challenge site I frequent that is on Kristen's blog HERE.  She gives very good instructions.  I used my Scallop Edge punch where she uses "edgers" as you will see in her tutorial.  Enjoy!!!

Now that I've bored you to tears, Random.org picked post #3 to be the spotlight for this weeks Combat Boot Challenge and that was Lynda K!!!!  If you click on her name you can see her fabulous SCS gallery and her lovely card is there for this challenge.  Isn't it neat how she made that vase?!?!?


Thanks to all who played - your cards are fabulous!!  The players this week were:



Cori S

Hope to see you for the next Combat Boot Challenge!!!


  1. So pretty as always. Love the color combos!

  2. Beautiful cards Marie...and how exciting that your daughter is going to be a role-model! :) How fun for her! Have a wonderful week and I hope she enjoys her new school. :)

  3. Beautiful Card!!
    I love the colors..and DP
    Your fan-type flower
    is so pretty (do you have instructions)?
    *I'm sure all will go fine with
    your daughters new kindergarden :)
    *You have a very busy scedule...
    and doing great with your weight loss..Congrats!!
    *Lynda's card is very pretty..
    love the vase!
    "Have a great week"

  4. That is beautiful. What did you use for the lettering. It looks so neat. I love the colors. Wow 6lbs. Thats awsome what is your secret? I need to loose weight. Your daughter has your skills for being a great role model.

  5. I love how your medallion turned out and I love the blue and brown color combo too (one of my favs). I have used my scalloped edge punch to make these now too. I don't think I had it yet when I wrote up the tutorial. But thanks for mentioning the tutorial on my blog. It is the one and only one I have done. Hopefully after Christmas I'll get some time to make some more up.


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Marie :)