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December 30, 2008


I am having problems YET AGAIN with my blog's feed.  Considering I know nothing about code and I don't do anything other than type up posts and insert pictures and add links in my side-bars, I can't imagine what is causing the problems.  I just found that even Google Reader is not "seeing" the post I posted today (with the Domino ornament).  So...if this post doesn't go through any of the feed subscription services then I just give up.  It's so frustrating and I know that most of my readers (I don't have a lot) only see me through subscription services.  There's no use in blogging if people think they're not getting updates to my blog because I'm not posting when I really am and some stupid problem in the confusing world of feeds and code and all that mumbo-jumbo isn't working right.  So...if this post doesn't come through, my blogging will become pretty non-existent.  I'll know if it works since I myself subscribe to my blog via Feedblitz, FeedBurner and Google Reader.  All three aren't seeing today's earlier post....


  1. Marie, I read your blog via Gooogle Reader, and both this post and the domino post appeared at the same time. I do know that Google Reader does not show posts in "real time"; i.e. I have often seen a delay between the time the post is uploaded and the time it appears in the reader. This delay is not constant; it seems to vary from time to time. Maybe network traffic is the issue? In any case, your post has now appeared; and the domino is very cute!!

  2. PS: interestingly enough, now the domino post no longer appears on your blog?

  3. I can see your posts hun! Clear as day! :)

  4. Marie:
    I just go to your blog; works for me. I'm seeing all your posts.


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