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September 5, 2007

Will it Ever End?????

I was intending on posting some pics today of RAK's I got, but haven't gotten a chance because last night I noticed that Daniel's belly button looked "funny." I remembered reading something when I had Sarah about hernias and so I called the doctor this morning to try and get an appointment with our pediatrician on the base. The doctor on the base was out sick today and the nurse said she wasn't sure when the doctor would be back so I should try for an appointment downtown if I wanted to get him seen. So, I went to the doctor that I really like downtown and sure enough, Daniel has a small umbilical hernia. I guess there's a hole in there behind his belly button and his bowels protrude sometimes and almost always when he's crying or putting any pressure on his abdomen (when he turns his body funny, or even sneezes or when he laughs someday too). Funny I hadn't noticed before, but he usually has his clothes on. Since it's a relatively small hernia, they don't do anything for it and it should heal itself. If it doesn't by the time he's four, that's when they worry, or if it changes color pretty drastically or gets larger, or if the bowels get "stuck" out of the hole. The doctor told me what to look for, so I feel okay about it all, but I'm sure it doesn't make Daniel feel any more comfortable to have to deal with that and his reflux. Poor baby!!!! I'm so thankful that we have such a great doctor and nurse on the base, and that there's the doctor in town that I found (who's relatively new to Del Rio) because they are great and I'm very confident in them. That makes such a difference! Poor Sarah had reflux and our old pediatrician on the base just kept telling me she had colic all day long, and that I was worrying about nothing. When we were out of town once when Sarah was about nine months old I used the excuse that she wasn't feeling well to see a doctor there and his first comment was that she probably had reflux. He sent us to get an upper GI test done, and sure enough, she did. The meds fixed her problem really well and if only we'd had them sooner. Thank goodness she didn't have any damage (that we know of) done to her esophagus. I just wish the meds worked better for Daniel. Anyway, now that we're home I have lots to get done and won't get to take the pics today. I will aim to do that tomorrow. I'm sorry for all of the delays lately. It's not how I wish I could blog. Hopefully we will all settle down and Daniel will be healthy and normal soon. He's crying now, so I've got to run. Thanks, and take care!!

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  1. Umbilical hernias are pretty common and most of the time cause no problem. I had 2 children, very large babies and that was the only time mine caused trouble. Doctor said that if I wanted to have a third child it would need to be repaired surgically first. Hubby got a vasectomy instead, LOL!


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