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September 6, 2007

Cute Pictures of the Kids....

Yesterday Emma started the part-day enrichment program at the CDC (Child Development Center) here on the base. Since she's too young for kindergarten and our area doesn't have a public pre-school program available, AND the private ones are "junk" here, I figured I would put her in the program at the CDC at least for the social interaction. She seems to be more advanced than the 4 year-olds in the program, at least when judging by handwriting. For me it will be a much appreciated 3 hours with only 2 children and a great opportunity for Emma to spend some time interacting with other kids and getting to to crafts and such, even if she already knows the things they spend time teaching (writing letters, counting, doing the alphabet, knowing shapes and colors, etc.). Here is a picture of her on her first day of "school" as she calls it. I need some advice though. When we tell her to smile, this is the wonderful face that she puts on :) LOL What can I do to "teach" her how to smile? I am thinking we just shouldn't say anything because a natural look would have to be "better" than this!!! :)

Here is a cute picture of Daniel and Sarah together and one of just Daniel. She had been "holding" him and Daddy snapped some pics, and then Sarah wanted to have more taken so he propped Daniel on the chair and snapped these two.

I want to thank Donna for her e-mail in response to my questions. It was reassuring even if it lets me know that he might not grow out of the reflux as soon as I'd hoped or that his hernia might not heal on it's own. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my e-mail.


  1. What a couple of cuties! I love your daughter's red hair. I'm one, too, and I heard we're in danger of becoming extinct. Wouldn't that be a shame?

  2. I'm from the "natural look" camp although it is fun to go back and remember the "cheesy" smiles, too! My husband has my children so trained to stop what they're doing, look at the camera and "smile" that it is impossible to get a candid shot of them and I miss those. I think that the candid shots that my parents took of me as a child are some of the most telling of my personality and lifestyle. I'd love to have some of those of my children rather than the "Stepford" kid pictures.


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