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September 12, 2007

Name Frames

I had to make 3 more name frames for the wife of one of the squadron commanders here on the base. As usual, since their squadron is the "Tigers" she requested that I have the little tiger on there. That almost always presents a challenge for me, whether in making it fit with the color scheme, or being able to balance it on the picture. That's probably the hardest thing - getting it to look right with the name and birth info.

Anyway, the first (the one shown here) was actually for a friend (but from her squadron to her) so I made it match their baby's room. I am NOT a bold brights person, so it was a challenge and I sure hope it didn't end up too busy. His bed has polka dots on the sheets and stripes on the bumper, so this ended up matching perfectly - the colors are almost exact. I hope she liked it.

I'm going to try and go back through past comments and answer questions you ask in them within the text of the post you had the question about. I will put "ETA....." at the bottom of the post. I already did that to the one with my square card for a question from Lisa. I hope this helps answer your questions better.

If you would like info/the recipe for this frame let me know. I have got to run.Thanks!

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  1. ADORABLE!! I don't think it's too busy because you still have a good portion of white showing. TFS.


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