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September 15, 2009

What's that???

What?  You really like my CAS card I just posted, and you are going to leave me tons of wonderful comments raving about it, BUT there was something else you wanted to know???  ;)  Oh....you want to know who wins the fabulous Boot Loot?????

Oh, okay....I guess I'll tell you.  I used www.random.org and it drew #24!!!  So, congrats #24!!!!

Oh, you don't want to count and figure out who that is, you would rather I just tell you????

Well, after subtracting sub-comments to get the final number for Random.org to draw from, and then counting out to the 24th comment, you come up with:
Deb B (Debadoo)
who said:

Love love love your card!! And what a generous giveaway. Love the boot loot name too. My moment also involved embossing powder. I was very new to stamping and trying to complete a swap, running out of time, and it was very late. I needed copper brads and we didn’t have any. I recalled reading about using copper EP to make them, but the versamark was causing it to come off the brad. So I go to SCS, and posted my problem. Soon I had answers galore. Before I read the one that said just heat the tip of the brad, dunk in powder and heat, I read the one that said melt the powder first til it’s liquid, then dip the brad in the liquid. Well that made sense. Before I continue, let me firmly state that I was very sleep deprived, and had never seen one of those melty pot things for utee and the like. So I dump some ep into one of those paint pallettes with the little wells, aim my heat gun at it (to melt it of course). Yanno how when you’re fixin to do something really stupid, you realize it a nano second before it happens but it’s too close to happening to stop it. To the lady who sends her construction worker hubby to work covered in glitter, don’t feel too bad, I send my son to the Army covered in it all the time too. He let me know that glitter is NOT ever the uniform of the day.

So CONGRATULATIONS DEB!!!!  Please e-mail me your snail mail address at mariemc01@gmail.com

I loved each and every blooper that you shared with me.  I've had my share and they do make for funny stories - especially with those who can understand ;)

Take care and have a great day!!

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  1. Deb B. (Debadoo)Sep 15, 2009, 8:19:00 AM

    Omgggggggg I just opened the email with your blog post and can't believe it!!! I've been itching to get these things and just can't order them right now....and now I'll have them. Can't thank you enough Marie!!! God Bless you and your hubby both for your service to our country. Love your blog!!


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Marie :)