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September 26, 2009

Project Dinosaur....


I don't usually post my sewing on this blog, unless it involves something SU! oriented, but in this case I was just so excited to complete my first item that required using a pattern.  I make quilts, and follow a pattern, but I have never made an article of clothing. 

I LOVE to watch Project Runway and see what the designers are able to make out of the items (not always fabric) that are given to them for the creation of their outfits.  I wish I had even as much talent as they have in their pinky fingers.  For me, getting everything perfectly even and just right is a little too time consuming, and even with my best efforts, I'm not really able to get everything exactly right.  But, I guess there is some beauty in the amount of "go-with-the-flow" opportunities there are when sewing.   You can usually hide the small flaws. 

After making Daniel's PJ pants yesterday, I have 2 more to make for him and 3 each to make for both of my girls.  I don't think they'll take as long now that I've done it once, and I have my friend Stephanie to thank for showing me how to work with a pattern. 

Oh, and I did slide the waist around a little to the left after noticing that the seam on the left was sitting on top of the leg (you'll notice it in the picture below).  That was just due to how the fabric was bunched on the elastic band in the waist.  I only tacked the band in the back so they move a little around the waist when they're not on. 

Also, Daniel does this funny thing where he crosses his toes, so no, they aren't permanently like that ;)  My girls do it too.  It must be from their Daddy.  :D

Have a great weekend!!!




  1. Very nice, Marie! My family always teased me that with each 'craft' I began, thay could count on those items for Christmas LOL. One year it was ceramics, one year all got bathrobes (my attempt at sewing!), the crocheting phase everyone got a scarf....now anything I can make out of paper is the item of the year. Enjoy!

  2. Love the dino pj's! I too am addicted to Project Runway and actually a few of my friends and I have started doing papercrafting versions of the designer's challenges on Project Runway - if you want to take a look at the blog, feel free: http://projectscrapbook09.blogspot.com

  3. Well done Marie!! Love the pj's! I used to love sewing for my children when they were little.

  4. Cute jammies! Way to go! And cute toesies, too! My kids do that same thing, and they, too, inherited it from their father! LOL


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