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September 8, 2009

Boot Loot Time!!! (aka Blog Candy)


Well, as you'll see from this previous post, this is my middle card of the 3 cards that I submitted for the CAS DT Call.  I'm showing them to you in my order of preference from least favorite to the one I liked the most.  Check out the CAS (Clean and Simple) challenges here over at SCS, and PLAY ALONG!!!!!

I will reveal the 3rd one when the Boot Loot Winner is announced on Tuesday, September 15th.

All supplies used are SU! unless otherwise noted.

Stamps: Great Friend, Teeny Tiny Wishes
Paper: Whisper White, Bermuda Bay Textured CS
Ink: Bermuda Bay Classic Ink
Accessories: Perfect Details Texturz Plate, Big Shot, Circle Scissor Plus and Glass Mat, Scallop Edge punch, 5/8" Satin Ribbon, Paper Piercing Tool, Paper Piercing Template, Paper Piercing Mat, Stampin' Dimensionals

So...speaking of Boot Loot.....I still remember when I had the contest where I  gave away some goodies to come up with that name for "my" Blog Candy.  You all had some great and funny suggestions!!  I love the name Boot Loot, and hope it's not confusing to anyone.

Could I drag this out any longer??? ;)

What I will be putting up as Boot Loot, is THIS:

Sweet Treat Boot Loot 1Sweet Treat Boot Loot 2

If you can't quite tell by the pictures, you win:

1) the stamp set Sweet Centers
2) a set of 12 Sweet Treat Cups
3) a 1-3/4" Circle Punch!!!!! 

All that you need to make treats for your friends and loved ones all year round!!!!!!!!

What do you have to do?  Well, I have been in a wonderful mood since my husband has been home (I get him for about 4 whole weeks before he leaves again!!!!) so I thought I would hold a contest that would continue to bring smiles to everyone by having people tell me their funniest stamping/crafting blooper.  I will draw the winner at random (using random.org) at 8:00 pm on September 14th.  I will announce the winner on Tuesday, September 15th.  You do have to be a US resident to enter and win (because this is current SU! merchandise, and those are SU!'s rules) so I'm sorry to those outside of the US.  :(

I will share something funny that happened to me once.  For those of you that use glitter and embossing powder a lot, you probably do what I do.  I store them in Ziploc sandwich containers so that I can just dip my CS into them and not have to worry about getting glitter/powder all over the place.  Well, one day when I was happily blinging some things up with some Dazzling Diamonds glitter, my darling daughter Sarah who was probably 2 at the time, comes over to peek up on the table, puts her little hands up on the edge, but mistakenly puts them over the edge of the glitter container which then flipped it up and down onto her little face/head.  She was COVERED in Dazzling Diamonds!!  While glitter was a bit of a fashion statement a few years back (remember all of the creams/lotions/gels with glitter in them???), glittery tears (literally) were not.  It didn't hurt her, but it filled her eyes and I was so worried that even though Dazzling Diamonds is pretty fine, it would scratch her eyes or something.  I took her to the bathtub, rinsed her off, and did my best to rinse her eyes.  That, along with her blinking removed just about all of the glitter.  For the next few hours there would be little spots of glitter that were blinked to the corner of her eyes, but I was happy and lucky to discover that no harm was done.  She also had glitter in her hair for quite a while.  It settled on her scalp and lots of scrubbing never got it all out at once.  :) 

So....what's your stamping blooper?  Share away and spread the word.  I know that this is a very popular stamp set and I'm sure your friends would like the chance to get it and everything they need to make some "Sweet Treats" for the holidays. 

Good luck!!!

PS - I will continue to post between now and next Tuesday but will link to this post in any subsequent posts before the announcement of the winner.


  1. I don't do a lot of embossing, so with this last SIM card set, I was challenged. But I didn't use the zip lock bags, I just used a piece of paper as a funnel to put the powder back in the jar. But I turned on my heat gun before I put the powder back, and the air from the heat gun blew the powder everywhere. I was cleaning that powder out of stuff for days. I always have the learn a lesson the hard way!

  2. I'm kind of the same but people here at work always asks me the day after I have been working on cards if I used glitter because I still have it all over me no matter how many showers I take I seem to still have glitter on me. LOL

  3. My blooper was when I was trying to cover a large background with iridescent ice but instead I used dazzling diamonds. So when I went to heat embossing I had glitter flying every where. My cat had it in his hair for a couple of weeks.

  4. I think my biggest blooper is when I accidentally drop the background stamp I just inked nice and juicy. It never falls to the table or onto the floor, but always in my lap.

    I LOVE your CAS card! I think it's absolutely fabulous!

  5. Marie, Your card is absolutely beautiful! I love the Bermuda Bay with the white! TFS!

  6. Hi Marie,
    I looove your pretty card, and I am soooo glad your hubby is home. Please thank him many times over for his service to our country!!
    My blooper is that I forgot to tell a new stamper to take the card out of the powder pal before turning on the embossing gun. Well, needless to say, her entire side of the table of customers were, you guessed it, embossed!

  7. Okay, Marie, here it goes...

    I had been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for about 3-4 months. I was so excited when a friend asked if she could do a workshop. (Oops. Isn't it my job to ask her? Anyhow...) So, I go out to do the workshop and am demonstrating making a card. It is my opportunity to show how wonderful the new ink pads are (yes, it was right after they changed). I take the black, which, remember is permanent ink, and show how you take your thumb and gently push, flip and slide. It's that simple..... Well, I forgot the slide was supposed to be gentle too, and the whole top of the ink pad -- yes, the part with the pad -- FLEW off, landing across the room, luckily not on carpet. By the time I got the ink pad put back together, my hands were stained black. Thank heavens we all had a great sense of humor because we had a wonderful LAUGH! I have since learned how to open and close the ink pads with finesse...

  8. Funny stories everyone!

    I'm not even sure this could be considered a blooper because I do it all the time! I always forget something for a workshop - cardstock, the heat gun (we tried using the toaster - it didn't work!), the stampin' scrub. It's starting to get embarrassing. :)

    My other blooper is with the Happy Everything set. There I was demoing away at a SAS and every single sample I made, the happy was upside down! I cannot tell you how many of my friends made the same mistake after that! Good thing I can laugh - maybe I need some glasses too! :)

  9. I have been a Demo for 5 years, and have had a hostess club for 3 years, and most of my club members have been with me, all 3 years. So when I have a club workshop I pay more attention to the newbies. One of my more experienced stampers was embossing the upsy daisy flowers and using so saffron craft and clear embossing and the flowers come out white, I told her to turn the cs over and do it again, she said I already did, so I gave her another piece of cs and she tried it again, it came out white, yet again. Finally I noticed she was using white embossing powder! We laughed about that for an hour.

  10. Oh my. Which one should I mention? I was stamping one night and dying ribbon on a stamp pad. I had colored the ribbon and didn't think about letting it dry first - or that my fingers would now be all inky - so I picked up my main image which was a white panel, flipped it over to put adhesive on, flipped it back to adhere to the mat, and then pressed all over the image with inky fingers. When I removed my hands, I realized I just left finger prints over most of my main image. Kind of ruined the clean look I was going for!

    BTW - there are no bloopers, just new ways to get creative and add a little more oomph to your design!

  11. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was demoing the faux metal technique to some girls in my monthly swap group - I totally didn't press down the stamp hard enough so it didn't look quite right! I had to do it again for them to see the correct way to do it. Kind of embarrassing, but then, we all make mistakes, right??

  12. Hi Marie:

    My blooper was more about a comment I made than anything I did with the products.

    Melanie (my sister) was a hostess for me before she became a demonstrator. Most of here guests were ready and waiting for my demo to begin. I started explaining a technique that required thier undevided attention and one they had requested also. Well, she had one guest that arrived late and when she came in she started talking in somewhat hushed tones to those she was sitting by. It wasn't long before the entire crowd was disrupted and they were all breaking into small groups of laughter and visiting..

    Before thinking... I just turned to Melanie and said, "I feel like I am interupting the party" and shrugged... I think the ladies were so surprised and embarassed, they just quickly hushed.. but we all laughed and again the demo was underway very quickly.

    I guess sometimes I just need practice with my TACT!!!!

  13. I think your card is absolutely gorgeous!
    I'm like a previous poster...I forget something for every workshop I do...it's gotten to be a big joke with my customers...what's she forget this time? Once it was my float! Hard to take payment without change.

  14. You know my funniest stamping blooper, when Daniel decided to pooper (rhymes with blooper) all over me!

  15. Hey Marie,
    first off Monica I totally forgot about that. I guess it all worked out in the end.

    My blunder was a couple of years ago while on vacation I was making all my swaps for convention and I stamped a wonderful Frog right in the middle of the oak table that was in our Condo. It took me all week of scrubbing and a bit of sanding (don't tell anyone ) to get most of it off the table.

    Love your card Marie but then I love all of your work.


  16. What really stands out the most for me was when I had my first workshop and introduced everyone to certain things in the catalog. Everyone loved all the funny names that were used like stamp a ma jig, big shot and bone folder. Everyone always smirked at the names.

  17. I needed a card - for one of my sisters' birthday a couple of years ago. I thought to myself... "Hmmm, I'm going to do something I haven't done before, with colors I don't normally use..."
    Should be fun right? Should turn out great, because generally doing something different turns out to be a really good thing, right?
    Well, I picked my colors, and ink and sat down at the table with all my other fun tools and got to work. I stamped and punched and put the pieces together and took them apart, I used a piercing tool and brads, and ripped some of the paper and finally came out with... the UGLIEST card I have ever seen in my life, before or since... this card is so ugly I can't give it away, and for some morbid reason I can't throw it away either! It has been sitting in my card box ever since.
    So while staring at this mishap card of mine I decided to go back to my paper supply, where I picked colors more along the line of what I would normally go with... then, used less of my fun supplies - because sometimes the clean look is the only way to go - and came out with a gorgeous card that I sent to my sister. Sometimes I wish the really good cards could stay, but they are made to be given away ;^)

  18. Oh my - I have an idea for a super fun challenge based on this comment. Jennifer, save that card and everyone else stay tuned...I have lots more stamps I can give away to encourage participation and fun with this challenge when I post it. I think we will all have a blast with it!! :)

  19. My blooper is when I made a card for Father's Day and when I gave it to my Dad I couldn't figure out why it was upside down from the back...well, needless to say, the saying that I had stamped on there was upside down, and he was trying to figure out what it said!!!! Marie, so glad that Hubby is home!!!!! Glad you get to have some time with him!!!!

  20. I have to add another embossing blooper to the list! It was my first few months of being a demo, when I organized ladies from my women's group at church to make Valentine's Day cards for members of our congregation who might have forgotten to buy one for their 'someone' special.

    Since I only had one heat tool, my thought was to do the embossing part at home. Well, embossing 1/4 sheets of cardstock with a background stamp, was causing my fingers to get a little warm. Sitting cross-legged on the floor at home, I finally decided to save my hands and lay the pieces out on the floor to emboss. Duh! This was a blonde moment because of course the floor was carpeted...did I mention I needed new carpet anyway?!?!

  21. I am glad that I am not the only one to get glitter every where. My husband (who's office shares the room) really likes it when he gets the glitter on him and his paper work. Nothing like showing sparklely blue prints to your construction crew :}

  22. When I first started stamping, I would try and make cards for everyone for every single occasion imaginable. I had just made a huge batch of cards and stuffed them in envelopes. One card was a tongue-in-cheek "over the hill" card for a friend, and the other was a generic birthday card for my Mother-in-law. I ended up getting the envelopes messed up and sent the "over the hill, old as dirt" card to my MIL instead!! She does NOT have that type of sense of humor and was not happy, LOL. I was mortified! Now, I make sure to double-check what is in the envelope before mailing.

  23. WHAT??? you are giving away WHAT?? NO WAY.. I was shy and didn't want to post as I am a demo too (ROCKS 2 Be a Demo! lol) Now as far as my blopper well my videos are! REALLY if you got to my blog and see them You will see what that I mean but you know what I don't drive myself crazy cause well I'm human and well I love to stamp and if I am goofy and I know I can't help it! LOL.. I just share my love of inky fingers! lol so if you want a giggle find one of my videos! LOL :)

  24. Hi Marie and thanks for booting the loot (hopefully right into my stamp room :D). Wonderful that your hubby is home and within reach. I can see the joy in your designs.

    My biggest boo boo's tended to come in the early days. I had studied all the demo guides, watched all the video's and poured over the demo site and Stampin Discuss so I thought I was well prepared for a stamp camp event put on by my upline and where she graciously introduced me as her new recruit so I could practice how to be a demo. So I floated around helping with projects and answering questions with all my bright new sparkly knowledge....one stamper asked me about how to get an image placed exactly where she wanted it and so of course I mentioned our wonderful Stamp a ma Jig tool. Well turned out she had one in her kit she had with her so she handed it to me saying I've always wanted to know how to use this thing...now's my chance. Growing slightly pale I looked down at this hunk of plastic now sliding around my slightly damp palm and said Ummm...this is a SAMJ? Hmmm...lesson learned...should know what the tool looks like as well as how to use it before recommending it so blithely!! In my defense I had only been a demo for a month and a stamper for 3 months! The other everyday bloopers are along the lines of unattended open stamp pads and kitty paws on the work surface...bet you can guess the rest!

    Hugs and blessings - Jean

    PS: I finally learned how to work the SAMJ! Yay!

  25. Love love love your card!! And what a generous giveaway. Love the boot loot name too. My moment also involved embossing powder. I was very new to stamping and trying to complete a swap, running out of time, and it was very late. I needed copper brads and we didn't have any. I recalled reading about using copper EP to make them, but the versamark was causing it to come off the brad. So I go to SCS, and posted my problem. Soon I had answers galore. Before I read the one that said just heat the tip of the brad, dunk in powder and heat, I read the one that said melt the powder first til it's liquid, then dip the brad in the liquid. Well that made sense. Before I continue, let me firmly state that I was very sleep deprived, and had never seen one of those melty pot things for utee and the like. So I dump some ep into one of those paint pallettes with the little wells, aim my heat gun at it (to melt it of course). Yanno how when you're fixin to do something really stupid, you realize it a nano second before it happens but it's too close to happening to stop it. To the lady who sends her construction worker hubby to work covered in glitter, don't feel too bad, I send my son to the Army covered in it all the time too. He let me know that glitter is NOT ever the uniform of the day.

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  27. Marie, no need to add me to your blog candy drawing. I just had to comment on this card. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about it. I hope you get the CAS DT spot.
    Hugs and smiles

  28. Hi Marie!
    I lost your blog for awhile and so glad I found you again. How is your little guy? (remember RPM?)
    I actually have embossing powder pretty much under control....my nemesis is GLITTER! I have glitter everywhere forever. Wonderful 'Boot Loot' and I would love to win to use for my grandchildren's school treats. TFS

  29. I love your card also!! Well, my story is not as exciting as most, but when I first started selling SU and doing workshops, I kept calling Night of Navy, Old Navy! LOL! One of the girls stopped me and said, what is the name of this color? I was super embarrassed, but everyone got a good laugh!

  30. Oh I'm so glad to hear your hubby is home & safe :)

    & thanks for the chance to win some Boot Loot lol

  31. Love these fabulous colors. Really great layout. Very nice card

  32. What a beautiful card! Love the white base and the touch of color. I don't think I have a blooper story... it's really boring in my craft room... except the mice eating my project because it had a mint pattie inside... it wasn't fun finding pieces of the dried up mint and shreaded paper... I told you... nothing interesting... just gross... TFS!

  33. Well not sure how funny it was at the time, but my daughter (3 on the 15th) has a stamping table in my room and she has started stamping with me a lot. Her latest is to come "help" me and that usually involves taking the ink pad when I am not looking and inking up her whole sheet, the table and her had and arm as well. It is one good inking job, but not really fun to clean up.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  34. Hahaha!!!
    I'm interested to see what you come up with ;^)
    That card is not going anywhere soon... it's still in a box somewhere in the storage unit, until I'm not sure when!

  35. I have four little boys. My oldest and my youngest are pretty mild mannered but the middle two are Trouble with a capital "T." One day when I had been stamping I was in the middle of some project so I just left my supplies out so I could fix dinner. My 3rd boy was about 3 at the time. As I was starting to cook, I heard some commotion coming from the bathroom and could hear the two troublemakers in there doing something. I went in to find the bathroom covered with Glorious Green ink. The 3 year old had gotten a hold of the ink pad and stamped the whole thing all over the counter, mirror, bathtub and floor. His older brother was apparently having too much fun watching to come and tell me. Lucky for me I was able to wash it all off before it stained anything. I just stuck him in the bathtub, clothes and all, turned on the water, handed my 3 year old a sponge and told him to start washing the tub walls off while I did the counters. I put the other son to work with some clorox wipes on the floor. I could not believe how much ink the preschooler had managed to get everywhere. And I still don't know how he figured out how to open the ink pad. I still have trouble getting them open sometimes. Haha!

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  37. Christine JonickSep 13, 2009, 4:19:00 AM

    Thank your blog and the inspiration! There are a lot of funny things I could put here but I have one that stands out the most.. One day there happened to be a fly roaming around our house. Well it wandered into my crafting area on and off during the day (always during the time I happened to be in there) it was getting really irritating because I was trying to finish some cards for a swap and it was taking a while. I came down to the final step which was to emboss the sentiment in white.. (I keep my embossing powder in clam shell containers.. the stamp kind) who comes in.. but the fly! So I put my stamp down and go and get the fly swatter.. I return to find a lizard on my table staring at the fly who had landed on my powder... the nerve! I swatted him without thinking and the clamshell and powder flew in the air and landed on the ground and everywhere you could imagine! After cleaning it up I figured I might as well heat up this one card since I can't do the rest now that I have no remaining powder.. As I heat it up I notice little lizard feet.. embossed on my card front.. I couldn't win.. I left the room for the night.. FYI.. That fly was caught in a spider web on the ceiling that evening..

  38. These stories are so funny. I love your card and am excited at the chance to win the boot loot (great name!) I have several bloopers but one that just now happened to me after recreating my version of your card was that I had all the little daisy pieces all arranged to make four cards (so 16 little pieces) and my cat jumped up on my table, didn't think too much of it since I was reading all your comments and looked over. He had been flicking his tail, getting all my little pieces all mixed up and at the end of his flick he got his tail into my opened container of glitter and spreading it everywhere!

  39. I am a mess in my scrapbook room. It is my escape so I don't fret too much about tiny bits of paper. My husband rarely bothers me when I'm downstairs, but invariably when he comes down he always tries to "help" by turning on the ceiling fan above me. I'm usually in the middle of something involving microfine glitter or dazzling diamonds which ends up all over me and the carpet!

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  41. Sounds like cats are a running theme.... my story is very similar to others. I was working with glitter and took a little break to let the glue/glitter combo dry/set. I didn't realize that our cat had come in the house and had decided to lay in his usual place (in my craft room) but not on his designated blanket.
    All of sudden he comes tearing through the house (he's 2) with a card stuck on his side. When I tried to chase after him to grab the card he just ran around even more.
    I thought perhaps he'd learn a lesson and not lay on the table anymore, but he continues to come in the room and oversee my creations.
    Love the stuff you do (as I always have)


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