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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish a happy Mother's Day to ALL the women out there who read my blog (are there even any men that do?!?!)!!!  Whether you are a mother, grandmother, sister or daughter, you are able to have a motherly influence and relationship with others.  Never doubt the impact of your kindness, compassion, love and service for others.  Women are able to touch the lives of others as no one else can, and our nature is just that, natural, and it's there whether we are actually someone's mother or not.  Don't forget all of the ways that we can serve others and be that role-model for them, as a volunteer, friend, advisor, or yes...mother.  Thanks to all of you for the lives that you touch, and have a very happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Thanks so much Marie. Best (late) wishes to you as well :-)


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