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November 11, 2008


I haven't had time to photograph and upload my card for CBC03, so I will get that up for you hopefully tomorrow.  If you still would like to join Kelly and I (he he he) in the challenge, we would love to have you!!!

To update you - my husband got home last night from a trip to the desert for the Air Force and I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK TODAY!!!  So, that means pretty pictures again and we want some family time today!!!

I stole this picture off of Laura's blog.  She's a soldier who's getting ready to deploy, so stop by and giver her some love for her sacrifice and dedication for us!!!  I liked the picture, and wanted to remind you about why many of you have the day off today to go shopping and do other things that you enjoy.  This is what today is really about.

Veteran's Day


  1. The laptop is back? Woohoo! :-D

  2. Happy Veterans Day to you! Lot of hugs ~Laura

  3. Happy Veterans Day - Thank you for your service!

  4. Thanks for sharing Laura's Blog.
    I just stopped over to "wish her well"
    and give her some Hugs.
    There is not enough words to say,
    "How much we appreciate our Soldiers"......TFS
    *so glad you got your laptop back :)
    "Happy Veterans Day"..to you and ALL!!!!

  5. Amen. :) Thanks to your hubby and to ALL the military currently serving our country as well as all the veterans. My FIL who just passed 2 weeks ago was in WWII and had both his legs amputated several years ago...Lord bless him. We all know our Freedom isn't "free"--God bless your family Marie! Hugsxx


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Marie :)