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November 18, 2008

A lost "art"

So....if anyone got this via a subscription method, you saw a totally different post.  I just thought that I would update you on my little "thought of the day" and take off the previous post.  I saw a card on SCS that was pretty clearly a CASE of one of my own - THIS one to be exact.  I knew it wasn't just coincidence.  Well, the gal had a link to her blog with her card, but it just goes to her blog, not a specific post and I didn't take the time to dig around her blog.  Instead because I must admit I was a little peeved, I wrote on here that it really is the "nice" thing to do in the stamping world - the greatest form of compliment, in fact - to acknowledge who/what you CASE (Copy and Stamp Everything is the version I tend to use for the acronym CASE).  Anyway, my friend Laura did do some digging and found out that the gal did say on her blog post with that card that it was a CASE.  She just didn't mention it with the card over in her gallery on SCS where I found it.  So....at least there was partial credit ;)  I feel better.  I will admit, that is just one of those things that gets under my skin and on the rare occasion that someone CASE's me, it makes my day!!!  Plus, when I CASE, I give credit even if my card/project no longer resembles the original work that I CASED.  So....just keep in mind that you really could make someone feel very good about themself by giving credit where it is due, and even if the person doesn't care, it really is the right thing to do.  :)  Especially because, as in this case (he he), the girl who CASE'd me was CASE'd, so it was like a giant snowball and the 2nd gal that CASED gave credit to the one who CASE'd me.....Okay. I'm done.


  1. It's absolutely lovely - I can see why it would get copied. Maybe she forgot where she saw it - I do that all the time. Old age is hell :)

  2. amen sistah! so sorry!

  3. I agree... maybe a short & sweet little email reminder to her might be needed. But then again, you never know... some people get all crazy when they receive emails like that. I wouldn't! On my blog I always say that if I didn't give credit where it was due, to please let me know... I think it's only fair.

  4. I love your comment you left for her - maybe she'll get the point!! Yours is much more awesome anyway!

  5. My thoughts EXACTLY !!!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves!


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