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November 15, 2008

Combat Boot Challenge 04


So, I own a set of these and every time I look at them in the store, they make me want to create a card based on at least one of them.  If you click HERE, you can go to the link where these Envriosax are sold, and there you will see the option to click on each one of the bags unfolded and displayed in full.  There are five bags - each has a different pattern and color scheme.  (ETA: I have posted small pics of them below - you should be able to click on them to enlarge them.  The link is great though too and you can purchase them there if you would like.) Pick one of them and use it for inspiration to make are card - or go crazy and make a card inspired by each - it's up to you!!!  Use the colors, or the patterns, or the images, or whatever inspires you to make a card.  It doesn't have to look just like the bags - just inspired by them.  Have fun and while you're at it consider going a little green with re-usable shopping bags.  Think of the HUNDREDS of bags you would not use by taking your own to the store (if you don't already).  Did you know that it takes oil to create plastic bags?  Yet another thing we're dependent upon oil for..... It seems like we just had a challenge doesn't it?!?!  Partly because this week flew by for me and partly because I only just revealed my card yesterday! The rules: You will have through Monday evening (Nov 17) to comment with a link to your creation.  Please post your link in a comment to THIS post.  Additionally, please ensure that you leave a direct link to the actual post or specific picture in your gallery. On Tuesday morning, November 18th, I will post my own creation along with a list of links to all of yours.  I will use Random.org to select one of your entries as the "featured artist" in my own post.  This means for your link to appear in the initial post or to be considered as the featured artist, I would need to have it by 8:00 pm on Monday evening.  I will gladly edit the post later to add any of you that couldn't get it in on time unless the number of you doing this becomes overwhelming - I don't mind doing that. If you upload your card to SCS, please use the keyword CBC04 with no spaces, so that we can find them easily.

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  1. 'Tis Kelly. http://kteaches.blogspot.com/2008/11/cbc04.html
    Didn't have much time to really play, but I did need a few friendship cards to send out, so I combined the challenge with the need and came up with three basic cards. :-D


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