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November 8, 2008

Combat Boot Challenge 03


I was browsing around the photographs on Etsy and stumbled across this one.  I really like the colors and the details in the textures.  It is by Isabel Ferreira and you can get it HERE for only $25!!!  You could use the colors, the flower, the textures, the "embossed" background, the distressed look of the background, or so many other elements of the photo for your inspiration!! I can't wait to see what you create!!!

The rules:
You will have through Monday evening (Nov 10) to comment with a link to your creation.  Please post your link in a comment to THIS post.  Additionally, please ensure that you leave a direct link to the actual post or specific picture in your gallery (help a girl out - I don't have a surplus of time to spend searching for projects that aren't directly linked to!).

On Tuesday morning, November 11th, I will post my own creation along with a list of links to all of yours.  I will use Random.org to select one of your entries as the "featured artist" in my own post.  This means for your link to appear in the initial post or to be considered as the featured artist, I would need to have it by 8:00 pm on Monday evening.  I will gladly edit the post later to add any of you that couldn't get it in on time unless the number of you doing this becomes overwhelming - I don't mind doing that.

If you upload your card to SCS, please use the keyword CBC03 with no spaces, so that we can find them easily.

Lastly, but most importantly, Veteran's Day is fast approaching so I hope that during your card-making you will consider making something for a service member who is serving or has served.  Being that my husband is in the Air Force, and I was, this is a very important thing to me.  If you don't know anyone to send a card to, you can leave it blank and mail it to me and I can get it sent over to our troops that are deployed from our base (Dover AFB) to use to send back to their families.  Just e-mail me and I'll give you my snail mail address.  My e-mail is mariemc01@gmail.com

Giving our service members cards that we love to make and get so much enjoyment out of creating is a very simple and easy way for us card makers to express our appreciation to our men and women in uniform who sacrifice not only their time and their family relationships, but sometimes their very lives in support of this great country and the freedoms that we all get to enjoy.  Take care!


  1. Hey Marie, that is a beautiful card. Let me know how this one turns out (ehhhh....looks too hard for me) I need simple right now. LOL Hope you are feeling better and all is well.

  2. Three weeks of participation in a row? I believe that's a record for me on anyone's blog. :-)
    Someday I'll get a better camera... in the meantime, you should be able to see idea, if not the details. :-)

  3. I am planning to play along soon, however... I didn't this time- sorry!


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