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November 19, 2008

Secret Sister Box of Happiness!!!!


So, I showed you the clipboard that my Secret Sister from over at Go. Be Creative gave me in THIS post.  Well, now I got my assortment of goodies from her as the final gift of the Secret Sister "stint" for this year.  In this CUTE BOX, are felt flowers, glittered flowers, Prima flowers, ghost hearts and flowers, GLITTER, Stickles, scrapbooking stickers/backgrounds/sentiment embellishments, ribbon charms, brads, more little flower and button embellishments, beads, ribbons and fibers ( fibers and some more fibers), chipboard to alter, chipboard letters, and all kinds of other things!!!!  I am going to have so much fun!!!

I think after my hubby gets back from the current "trip" he's on for the Air Force, I will have to take a "Marie Day" to just relax and stamp.  I sure hope I get to!!!!  Peter will have been gone 13 days this month by the time he gets back on November 25th...that's more than half of the month up to that point.  He doesn't have to go anywhere for the holiday...we don't think.  He's one of the few that does not get leave (vacation) during any of the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's) because in the military there are always people that have to work.  That's just part of it.  He happens to be the one of the few that didn't get his name drawn in the "lottery" for either of those 3 holidays.  We're praying he'll get a week or so of leave at Spring Break because if he doesn't, then he leaves for a 4+ month deployment to the desert before school is out (sometime in the spring we have been told) and will be gone until after school starts the next year.  We haven't had a family vacation or used any of his leave since LAST Spring Break in April.  When he deploys it will be a WHOLE summer without him here.  Not that he doesn't have to work during the summer, but at least we can do fun family things that people usually do in the summer, even if he has to work.  We can't do that if he's over in the Middle East somewhere...oh well...I'm not whining here, but it's starting to sound like it, so I'll stop.

My point was that I would LOVE a break and some time to stamp without the distraction of any one or even all three of the kids at once!!! ;)


  1. I so feel you girl! Hang in there - he has to retire someday. I know, not funny - but laugh anyway it will make you feel better. I started something this summer that might help. It is called quiet time. And for atleast 1 hour each day - all the kids have to take a book to their bed. They don't have to sleep - but they have to be quiet and if I get the Mom, Mom, Mom, I add minutes (they've become very quiet). It's not a very long break - but long enough to have some quiet! I still do it with school back in - if we are not running all over Gods creation on the weekends, they have their quiet time so I have mine. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Marie!
    You've been tagged! I hope you will come play along with me... Come take a look at my blog for instructions...


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