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October 10, 2008

Don't Forget!!

For those of you that use subscription services to check in on my blog, don't forget that sometimes (not very often, but it does happen!) I post more than once in a day.  Pay careful attention to the e-mails you receive because if you click on one of the posts listed, you will only see THAT post when it takes you to my blog.  There are some ways you can make sure you don't miss multiple posts that are made in one day. 

1.  If you click on the main link to my blog within your e-mail - usually you can do this by clicking on the title of my blog in the body of the e-mail sent to you - you can see my entire blog and all of it's posts, not just a specific post from that day.

2.  After clicking on a link in your e-mail to one of my posts, you can click on the word "main" at the top of the screen when you are finished with that particular post and you will be taken to my main blog page and not one particular post.  You can then simply scroll down and see all of my recent posts.

3.  You can click on each post link listed in your e-mail.

Hopefully this info helps - I wouldn't want  you to miss anything!! :)

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  1. Hi -
    I love your blog. Do you know your images don't show up in google reader? Feedburner has that as a setting.


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