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August 29, 2007

No Camera....

I've been looking, and looking for our camera since we got back from Kentucky. I can't find it. That doesn't mean it's permanantly gone, but I do have to get my hubby to try to find it since he's the one that put it in the car, or brought it in the house, and put it wherever it is. So, I couldn't take a picture of any of the cute cards I got or upload any pics I've taken of the wedding or projects I made then. So - I hope that Peter will find my camera this evening when he gets home from work. I called him before he took off with his student and he couldn't remember where it is, but says he's seen it. I guess that's a good thing :) Check back later this evening for (hopefully) a picture or two. Take care!


  1. I assume you found the camera since you have pics of the wedding? I hope so. I lost our digital card from our camera. I was so bummed!Jane

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about!! My DH loves to come into my playroom and straighten up for me. I told him that I think that is really sweet but he has to tell me where he move my "stuff" to, LOL. TFS.


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