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August 13, 2007

Emma's Journal

Here is the journal that I made for our 8 year-old friend Emma. She got baptized last Saturday and I thought a journal to start keeping at this time was a neat idea. I asked her mom what her favorite color was and her mom said light blue, so that's what I went with.

I started with a regular composition book from Wal-Mart that I took the cover off of (peeled the printed paper off of the chipboard cover). Next I covered both the front and the back of the journal with mod podge and adhered the bashful blue sheet of DS paper from the Spring Showers DS Paper pack. It has some slight white lines on it that I oriented vertically. On the Spring Showers paper, I stamped the flourish from the Baroque Motifs stamp set in Whisper White craft ink along with the Bashful Blue flower you see from the Looks Like Spring stamp set. This flower image I felt coordinated well with that paper that was in the Summer Mini last year (I can't think of its name) which is along the spine of the journal and on the "e." I covered the "e" with that same paper by putting mod podge on it and then putting the pre-traced and cut out "e" piece of paper on that. I like to use mod podge instead of glue because I can paint it on and get good coverage on the paper so that it sticks really well. The other elements on the journal are pretty self-explanatory. It has some ribbon from last year's Seaside ribbon pack, some SU! rhinestone brads, some gingham and grosgrain ribbon, and some of the un-dyed Elizabeth "Fancy Fibers" from SU! too. I used the Doodle alphabet for the word "journal" and used my SU! making memories font CD to create the tag with "Emma" on it. For the tag I also put an eyelet on it with some linen thread and tied it on the "e". Clear as mud? I did also make her a pen using a piece of left-over Spring Showers paper that also had my stamped images on it, by rolling the paper and putting it in one of those clear RSVP pens. I think it all looks really nice and I sure hope she liked it!!! Let me know what you think.

As for today's appointment, it did indeed confirm that Daniel has acid reflux (duh - we knew that) but the doctor wouldn't do the 2nd test that our Pediatrician wanted because he said Daniel is too young for it. It was a lower bowel test or something like that. Oh well, hopefully the change in dosage of his medicine will continue to show improvement with him and that's all we'll need. He does in fact seem to be a little better since the doctor upped the dosage of his Reglan. We'll keep our fingers crossed and continue to pray that he'll "outgrow" this as soon as possible. Thank you for all of your thoughts, suggestions, and prayers!!! We appreciate them so much - truly.


  1. Ugh. Poor Daniel! My daughter (now 10 months old) had reflux too, and slept in her car seat until she was six months old. She wound up on Zantac (the efferdose, she couldn't tolerate the liquid), and within three days she was a totally new kid. I hope the Reglan works for him... I was on that during my severe morning sickness, and it was definitely a miracle drug for me!Hang in there... you're in my thoughts!DanaP.S. Emma's journal is gorgeous!

  2. Hope it all works out..my youngest had reflux...it was not a good time! The bouncy chair was her best friend! Luckily she started to grow out of it..and just spit up a lot. Trust me I would take spitting up over the high pitched crying anyday!!! I wish you all the best! xoxoronee

  3. The journal is BEAUTIFUL and was woth waiting for!! I love your work.I am glad they confirmed your doctor's diagnosis. I'm still praying for healing health and joy for all you. HUGS & TFS.

  4. I am so pleased to hear that Daniel is doing better. There is nothing worse than seeing your child hurting. Enjoy your trip to Kentucky and the wedding.Sending good thoughts.


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