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August 27, 2007

I'm Back...

We got back in town on Saturday and in my mailbox were several cards waiting for me. It was such a surprise and I'm so thankful. I hope to get a picture of them today to post tomorrow. I appreciate them so much.

I am still running around with my head cut off though, and my in-laws are coming to town for Daniel's baby blessing in 2 weekends, so that gives me that much time to get things squared away for their visit. We haven't recovered yet from me being in San Antonio for over a month, then coming home with a new baby, and then leaving after 3 weeks to go to my sister's wedding. There is luggage and clothes and all sorts of things from the 2 trips all over the house! So much to do!!!

My sister's wedding was incredible. I can't imagine everything my mom and she went through to get ready for it. The few days I was there it was crazy so I'm sure the months of preparation weren't dull. My mom even threw me a surprise baby shower the first day I was in town (the day before the wedding) and I must admit it's the FIRST TIME I've ever been successfully surprised. I'm one of those :) You can't usually slip something past me :)

So, stay tuned for some pics of some really cute cards, and also once the results are out in September about the design team I submitted for (I'm quite sure I WON'T make it, but you never know) I will show you the four projects I submitted to them. That and the table toppers I made for my sister's wedding are the ONLY stamping I've done since having Daniel. I'll share a pic of the table toppers too. Take care!!!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging, can't wait to see cards, and stuff from the wedding and shower. How nice of your mom to throw you a shower. Liz UT

  2. Hi, Marie!! It's great to hear from you. I know things have to be pretty tough right now.Congratulations to your sister and I'm glad to know that her wedding was incredible!! There is nothing like a wedding to fill the air with love.How is Daniel doing with that bad old acid reflux??Take care of yourself and enjoy your in-laws. I really, really miss you but I do understand.God bless you all.


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