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July 22, 2009



This is what I spent last night taking care of.  My middle daughter cut her forehead open and I knew that it needed more than a band-aid.  I took her to the ER, and they refused to get a plastic surgeon to stitch it, so they just super-glued it (that's all DermaBond is, really).  I was a nice "clean" cut, with no rough edges, but COME ON!!  It's RIGHT in the MIDDLE of her forehead and we can't hide it, and as you can see, the DermaBond didn't seal the cut totally shut like stitches would have, which means by virtue of that alone, it will be a wider scar than it could have been.  They even gave me info on "reversion" as we left, which is work on the scar after it heals poorly and I'm thinking, "why not call the doc in and have him do it right the first time?!?!"  Maybe I wasn't pushy enough - I hope my daughter isn't scarred for life because of me.  Vertical scars heal much less well than horizontal ones when they're on the forehead.  A vertical scar goes "against the grain" of the skin on your forehead, and the tension is against it rather much more so from the natural pull of the skin.  Anyway, I must sound really vain, but she's my baby and she was (is?) perfect before this.  I hope it heals with little evidence left behind!  

So, this and some other things that have been going on with my husband's car (he's not here to take care of it, of course!) have been stressful lately.  I wish I were a man sometimes because men don't take women seriously, even when I am quite certain I have a higher education than they do (I went to the Air Force Academy where we take so many Engineering classes as core classes that it has us leaving with close to what would be a minor in General Engineering if such a thing existed!!!), and know that a car should MOVE when you put it in drive/reverse and don't need college to tell me that!  They are treating me like I'm stupid. 

Unfortunately it may be a while before I get to post. We go out of town next week and I promise I'm still alive, but unless I get some stamping time in (crossing my fingers!!), you won't be hearing from me until we get back home (it will be a while).  I may not get to stamp then though either because my hubby gets back from his deployment at the beginning of September!!!  Yippee!!!!

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  1. I'm sending you a virtual margarita and spa day.

  2. Ouch!! I am so sorry your baby got hurt. Hopefully it will heal without too much of a scar-you are right though it does seem worse on a girl than a boy. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. When the boys got hurt they wanted a scar so they could point to it and say I got that playing football in the front yard, or racing my bike in the street!!

    I feel for you about the car-maybe a different mechanic?? Luckily we have a wonderful one but it took us a long time and many bummer mechanics before we found him.My DH (who is fairly car smart) and I got ripped off by some dishonest ones. A really good mechanic should not talk down to you!

    You have certainly had your plate full lately and with your DH gone I know it leaves you with all the responsibility. Praying for you!

  3. Oh Marie! Your poor daughter! I think I'd be calling either her regular doctor or a plastic surgeon directly. Just to get another opinion before it's too late. Poor thing!

  4. Give Sara a hug & kiss from me! Poor baby! Hope you have a grand time on your trip! I know you will be glad when Peter gets home!


  5. Ouch! My son, 5, has five stiches adorning his forehead at present. That's what you get for break-dancing to the Tarzan soundtrack too close to the coffetable! Actually, he has also had 'glue' at his brow for an accident about 1 and a half years ago. The glued scar is almost impossible to find but the stiches, though done proffessionally, look ominous and like they couldn't possibly join evenly! I think that when the swelling goes down you may be pleased. Also, stiches in the forehead are extremely painful and more prone to infect!! Hope this eases your mind! She looks like a tough little cookie!

  6. Hey Marie. I sorry that you are going through this. Sara is still perfect :0) Now before you start driving your self nuts, go to the pharmacy. There is an ointment that will disolve the scar after it heals....trust me, two boys and three girls....we know this LOL! Nothing to worry about. Big hugs to you and the family, enjoy your trip, try to relax some. Don't worry about us....we'll be here when you get back :0) Hugs hugs hugs!

  7. poor baby. I really do hope that the scar heals well. She's young and scars usually heal better on younger skin.

    Use cica care if need to. I read somewhere that it's good for healing scars.. :)

  8. If you don't mind me asking can I see what it looks like now? Mt 2 year old just went to er for this last night


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