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July 20, 2009

happy birthday card

Well, THIS card made it to Stamper's Showcase today (20 July) and back on the 11th of July THIS card was on there.  It's fun to see your own creations on there, but I must admit a teeny tiny bit of a bummer because I sent all these cards in for various contests so it means that each one that pops up was another non-winner.  I've never won a SU! contest, but have had many of my cards make it on to Stamper's Showcase.  I guess that will have to be good enough ;)  I do still have several more - we'll see if they turn up on SS or not :)

I do have a card for you tomorrow.  I have only stamped once in the last 3 weeks or so, and I still have to upload the picture and get the post typed up.  It's a simple card, so don't expect anything huge ;)

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER!!!!  I must admit that I'm getting worn out with (temporarily) single parenting due to my husband's deployment.  131 days is a long time, and it gives me tremendous respect for the parents who have to do it 100% of the time.  I don't think there are many who truly understand what you go through, but I've gotten a taste and know that it takes a very strong person.


  1. You'll be a winner soon!!! You have such classic style!

  2. Marie,
    I 've had the same experience with the SU! contests! I checked out your showcase cards and they are gorgeous, I especially love the butterfly one! You do great work, keep it up and keep sharing with us, because we love it!

  3. I wish I could just run right over and babysit so you could get away for a second and have some "Me" time. I wish I had a big ol' burrito from Taco Cabana too! LOL! :-) SUPER HUGS!!! ~Laura


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