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July 11, 2009

Another Quick One


Sorry to be so brief lately.  Life has been crazy hectic and I haven't stamped in weeks.  This is another card from my SIM in June that was a direct CASE of THIS card by Tami Mayberry.  Check her blog out HERE.  She is just a FABULOUS paper crafter, not to mention the brains behind CPS - which I LOVE when I actually have time to stamp and use the sketches!!!  Sorry for not having a recipe for the card today either.

Just to update those of you who have been so sweet as to inquire about my little one after his surgery - he is doing VERY well.  BOTH surgeries took all of about 20 minutes!!  I couldn't believe it when the first doctor came out and said he was done inserting the tubes after about 10-15 min and the 2nd doctor came out and said he was done with his own part of Daniel's surgery after only another 5 or so!  I ended up having to take my girls along with us on the hour long drive to the hospital because my "childcare" got sick (actually, her kids did, and the last thing we needed was to have my kids - especially Daniel - get sick after his surgery).  They had just started eating a snack in the waiting room when the first doctor came out.  It was AMAZING and great and the girls behaved so well and made a stressful situation as easy as possible.  Daniel did NOT like waking up from the anesthesia, but thank goodness he doesn't get as sick as his mommy does from the drugs.  He screamed and screamed, and they couldn't get us out of there fast enough.  He probably made other kids waking up from their own surgeries more scared.  On the drive home he fell asleep, slept for 4 more hours after I put him in bed at home, and then woke up a little crummy feeling but at least not mad.  Everything has gone well since then and our first follow-up with the doctors for hearing tests, etc., is Tuesday.  Thanks for the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.  They have meant a lot!


  1. Pretty card, cased or not. I told you I do that alot these days, but it's keeping me stamping. I seen your card on SU site today. Very very cute! Awesome that you got up there! You deserve it. Your cards are always so prety :0) I am glad to hear everything is going well with Daniel. I know how hard that whole hospital thing can be as I've been at it all year :0) I'm sorry you had to take the girls with you. I wish I could've been there to help you, just to ease alittle stress. Keep your chin up girl, you are continually in my prayers. And remember....this too shall pass ;)

  2. Lovely card Marie! And I'm so glad to hear things went well with your little one :-)

  3. So glad your little guy is doing better! Anesthesia makes me sick too, I hate it.

    Your card is just gorgeous. I love those colors together!

  4. I am so glad the surgeries went well. Your card is lovely. I can't believe I still don't have a gray ink pad. I just keep forgetting to order one!!!

  5. love the card, but so glad to hear his surgery went well. It's a good thing those "minor" surgeries are so quick, gives you less time to stress and worry. we went through a tonsilectomy in Feb. and I was shocked that they were done in like 15 minutes. It's so hard when you're little ones are left in someone else's hands. hugs to you, I know you are doing this alone at the moment!


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