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April 8, 2009

We're going to Kentucky...

We're going to the fair....Well, maybe not really, but we ARE going to Kentucky and I have to get the van loaded by myself today to get us on the road tomorrow as soon as my daughter gets out of Kindergarten at lunch time.  So....no posts from me for a while.  Please look at my question for you - below.  I'll schedule my post to occur on Saturday with my reveal for my take on Sketch #10 for Card Patterns.

I want to take a POLL though.  If you would, please leave me a comment letting me know if you would prefer me to move my blog back to blogger (personally, I had problems with blogger which is why I moved to TypePad) or over to WordPress.  If you know pros/cons about either, let me know that too.  I will be moving it by August and maybe even sooner.  Can't afford to keep a TypePad blog if I'm not getting the income from SU! anymore.  Thanks in advance for your input and ideas.


  1. Hey, you do whatever makes sense for you! I have Blogger...free is good. ;-)

  2. PS: I have a really difficult time reading the word verification thingies on typepad, if that helps you decide. I am old and blind, though.

  3. What do you mean you're not getting paid by Stampin' up anymore? Did I miss something? Cool, you're coming to Kentucky!!! Neato! Have fun! You going to the Derby?

  4. WoW Marie.. I'm with Bekki (above).. did I miss a page, you're not demoing anymore? So confused.. but I'm so easy to confuse... as for your poll.. whatever is easier for you, as you are the one who has to set everything up and maintain it.. I'm just a visitor and I'll find ya wherever you are! You can run but you can't hide!! LOL!

  5. I like Blogger... for me, I don't need all that fancy stuff, since this is just a creative outlet for me :) There are some things that I wish I could do easier... but hey! it's free!!! lol

  6. You may not have realized it, but you only told your SIM stampers about SU! - unless I missed the post where you put that in too. ;^)
    I like Blogger, but I haven't tried anything else either. It may work better for you this time around, or you could try Word Press and switch to blogger if you don't like it...I think we're all going to tell you that it's really about what you want, but if you want a decisive answer - go for Blogger :^D
    How long are you staying in Kentucky? I hope everything goes ok on the road!

  7. have a safe trip. I use blogger and have no problems with it. I use just the basic functions, so maybe that is why. I'll follow you where ever you go! Just let us all know!


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