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April 27, 2009

I'm Pathetic...

Peter, my husband, deployed for at least 4 months for the US Air Force this past Sunday.  Today, the first full-day he has been gone I have already had one fiasco.  My home phone says that there is a line in use and I have unplugged each and every phone, left them off for a while, and re-plugged them all back in (both the phone jacks and power sources) and they don't work.  I'm so glad that this is such a little thing, but find it pretty funny that something is already going "wrong" the very first day (of 130 more days to go, at least - not that we're counting....actually, the kids are, but in a fun way....they get a "hug" or a "kiss" from a jar each day he's gone and will get to watch those hugs and kisses slowly dwindle down until Daddy gets home).  So....as you can expect I'm here to pathetically plead with you to please not desert me - I love my little blog and the friends I have made through it - but you are most definitely going to want to add me to your Google Reader or use one of the e-mail subscription methods in my left-hand sidebar.  I aim to post AT LEAST twice a week, but can't promise more than that.  So....thanks for everything and please bear with me as we count down the days until my wonderful husband gets back home and sanity once returns to my house (if it ever was there in the first place!!).  :)


  1. Marie, thanks for sharing your husband with all of us. What a brave woman you are and what a wonderful man he is. I'm praying for you that the time will go quickly and that you won't have many major catastrophies while he's away. Oh, and I get your blog through my google reader! I enjoy it very much.

  2. Having your husband away is a difficult task, but I'd like to think of it this way.
    It's better that you know that he's away, than having him in the house
    and not getting any help at all with the kids or being a couch potato all day long
    while you do all the work! There's nothing more lonely than being with someone
    you spend everyday with but still feeling like you're alone.

    Nobody's leaving Marie. We're all hear for ya!
    Big hugs for ya girl!

  3. Thinking of you and chin up! Everything will go on as usual. It's these small glitches that try our souls, but what would life be without a few bumps? I enjoy your card samples and always look forward to them. Take care!

  4. Girl, do what you gotta do! Those who are true will be here still! You are in our prayers and thoughts :0)

  5. That's a crazy problem to be having with the phone!
    And you are not pathetic either! I bet that a phone technician would look at it and say they didn't know what was wrong either... that's just how it works sometimes. OOOooo I just remembered I used to have that problem when I was on the phone and the person I was talking to switched over to see who was on the call waiting, and my phone wouldn't work until they'd hung up with that person... phones are crazy!

    Anyway... post when you can! ;^)

  6. Thank you also for taking off word verification!

  7. Please thank your husband for serving our country!!! Thank you also for your sacrifice! I couldn't imagine being without my husband for that long!

  8. First of all I just want you to know that I am praying for the safety of your DH, Peter! Thanks to both of you for your service & sacrifice!

    Hey! I think posting twice a week is awesome-it is my goal. If I post more than that I jump up and down with excitement and think I have had a good week.

    Actually at my house I am the one who fixes anything to do with cable, phones or computers.

  9. Oh honey - I'm not going anywhere!! Tell your hubby thank you from south Austin!!

    If you have DSL, you may have a problem with your filter - that happened to me once. Disconnect the filter and see if that works.

  10. Marie,
    My husband was in the military for 21 years. These days are different but this I do know - they say the first week they are away is the hardest. You are already on the right track by sharing. Post when you can and when you can't, let it go! (I am trying to take my own advice in this area :D) Sending a BIG hug your way -

  11. {{{{{Marie}}}}} Thinking of you, and thankful for your husband's service.

  12. Not Pathetic at all just hurting way down deep. We're here for you with prayers, love and appreciation. Reaching out can be the best medicine though the longing doesn't stop till you can put your arms around the one you love. In the mean time take all the hugs you can get from other sources and don't let no stinking computer get you down (picture that in a Clint Eastwood tone of voice :D).

    Hugs, blessings and lots of warm thoughts and prayers being sent your way. - Jean

  13. That type of stuff happened to me when my husband was deployed. We had just bought a house, and I had all sorts of septic tank trama while he was gone. Now that he is back, nothing down there has happened at all! IT is crazy!


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