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April 8, 2009



I needed something to insert as a picture to do a test post and don't have anything stamped. This is something my middle daughter did in Primary at Church (like Sunday School). They were supposed to draw themselves happy in different situations where they are obedient to their parents. I saw this and almost died laughing!!!

Then....I looked a little closer and was like, "what's on the chins?" Well, I asked her and she said that the blue on the chins were lips, and the thing that looks like a smiling mouth was actually a nose. So she isn't so upset at having to be obedient afterall!! ;)

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  1. That's sooo funny!!! I had to do a double take on it, after I read your post! So the supposed frown is really a nose??? Classic...

  2. I love this picture. Kids are just so darned cute. If it had been my youngest it would not have surprised me at all that he would draw frownies.

    On of my kids (all 125 of them) love to sing the song "If you chance to meet a frown" sad I don't get to teach them singing any more.:(

    Love ya!

  3. This is so funny! I love to hear my kids (1st and 2nd grade class) tell me about their pictures...pretty hysterical sometimes.

  4. This is sooo funny! Amazing how our kids can be our best source of fun.


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