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April 29, 2009

Bows, Bows, Bows....

A long time ago I made a post that shared a link to Sherri Barron's blog where she showed how she ties her bows.  I shared it because it's the same way I do mine, and she was gracious enough to create a tutorial on it and thus I didn't have to.  So, here's the link to her tutorial.  Lately, after seeing THIS post on Nichole's blog about tying a button to a bow, I have modified the method a tiny bit, but thought I would share her short tutorial with you and you can modify it to fit your needs as well.  Basically, I kind of do the tying backwards so that the tied part ends up on the back of the bow rather than the front.  You could even modify it further and tie the button as you want it to look, cinch the ribbon together without the button, but threading around the ribbon as it says, and then attach the two (the button and bunny-ear ribbon).  There are several different ways you can get this look, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the links and let them know I sent ya and that you love their post!!! :)  Several of you have asked about my bows recently.  Ask, and ye shall receive!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links and the tips. I'm definitely bow challenged so all help is greatly appreciated. Now if only I could tie them without having to watch a video every time!! LoL!!

    Hang in there with all the changes in your life. Changes in Family, blog and absent DH all make for a powerful punch that can be hard to overcome.

    Love and prayers being sent your way from - Jean

  2. Nice reminder....thanks for that, as my stampclub will be tying some this weekend, and we do it with out thinking about it, then someone asks then I have to explain hee hee hee. Hope you are well. Busy weekend ahead for us. Hang in there!


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