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January 19, 2008

A Warning....

I keep typing and re-typing this post. I've decided not to get personal as this is a very "public" forum. I will be a less than regular blogger after this post. I will continue to check on my "for sale" stamp sets because I really do need to relieve myself of them, but when I move in the middle of February I will not be able to post as often as you might like. I hope that my blog is interesting enough that you will want to use my Feedblitz subscriber in the sidebar to receive updates so that you won't have to waste any time checking in for days, weeks, or (hopefully not) months without any new posts. I'm no Beate and never will be (though I dream about it often!), but I hope that my stamped projects and other posts at least bring something to your day - even if it's the thought that "oh my gosh, I can't believe she stamped that much less posted it for everyone to see!!" :) I will, of course, continue to check EVERYONE ELSE'S blogs as much as I can, but I cannot pretend to be a regular blogger any longer. I've tried for a while now and it's just too stressful with everything that's going on in my life. I wish I could say that the moving is the stress, but that's the easy part! Now that I've said it, at least I don't have any higher expectations placed on my blog than need be. So, please subscribe (use Google Reader if you'd rather) so that when I do get a chance to post I'll still know that you're out there :) I hope to finally be settled and maybe back into semi-regular blogging after we've moved to Delaware in June/July. Until then (or my next post, whenever that is) - take care!!!

PS - BUY MY STAMPS - a not so subtle hint... ;)


  1. Your posts will be missed. Good luck in the upcoming move!

  2. I have you in my google reader and look forward to your updates when you have the time.Good luck with all of your changes!Many Blessings,Melissa

  3. I will miss your posts...but I already subscribe so will be notified when you post. Good luck on your move and everything else you have going on. Thanks for helping me get set up with my blog and answering my questions.Jane(troopersma on SCS)

  4. You take care too!Your posts will be missed.Have a safe move...Good Luck!!I enjoy your stamping...and I look foward to seeing more.Thanks for sharing.Dee

  5. I look forward to reading your blog uppon your return to the blogging world. Good luck with your move.Jannette D.


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